CraftyGirl: A day in the life

Sometimes it’s hard to manage daily life, while trying to constantly come up with new colors and styles of products…or even new products entirely! But if I can manage for the business side and the homemaker side to coexist peacefully on one given day, it looks a little something like…today! Today has been a little out of the usual, due to waiting on some test … Continue reading CraftyGirl: A day in the life

The Origins of CraftyGirl

CraftyGirl Merchandise was a spark…an idea that played around in my mind for a while and started to come to fruition in September of 2012. I eagerly opened an Etsy shop…and then was overwhelmed! Fast forward to June of 2013, when I reopened the shop and started listing more items. Slowly, but surely, I’m filling up my shop with my handmade little treasures (and a … Continue reading The Origins of CraftyGirl