CraftyGirl: A day in the life

Sometimes it’s hard to manage daily life, while trying to constantly come up with new colors and styles of products…or even new products entirely! But if I can manage for the business side and the homemaker side to coexist peacefully on one given day, it looks a little something like…today!

Today has been a little out of the usual, due to waiting on some test results for my husband’s CT scan, but otherwise, pretty productive! I’ve edited listings, added new products, done some advertising and worked on an adorable scarf, done in various shades of blue. (One of my favorite colors) On the homemaker side, I’ve done dishes, checked on appointments, cooked, cleaned, etc.

One of the beautiful things about crafting doesn’t mean you necessarily have to stick with the typical mediums. The word craft means “to make by hand”…which can include a whole slew of options. Today…it includes cooking.

I’m sure you remember me mentioning that I have a degree in Culinary Arts, but don’t be confused… I don’t whip up gourmet meals every single day. Life gets in the way of that, and gourmet can sometimes be expensive! What I love best is experimenting with new flavors, textures and colors when I cook. Adding something to a recipe I wouldn’t have thought of before…trying something a different way.

I want to encourage you all to really think about your food before you eat it. Not necessarily from a health standpoint, but from a crafting standpoint. To me, the best food is made by hand, not bulk-processed in a factory. (Though there are several things that I enjoy that ARE made in factories) There is something about making your own food that just makes my soul sing. And when my soul sings…I am at my craftiest šŸ™‚

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