The Origins of CraftyGirl

CraftyGirl Merchandise was a spark…an idea that played around in my mind for a while and started to come to fruition in September of 2012. I eagerly opened an Etsy shop…and then was overwhelmed! Fast forward to June of 2013, when I reopened the shop and started listing more items. Slowly, but surely, I’m filling up my shop with my handmade little treasures (and a few vintage pieces along the way!).

Arts and crafts have always been a passion of mine, almost as much so as cooking. However, my local college didn’t offer a degree in crafts…so off I went, and received my degree in Culinary Arts, followed by a degree in General Business. For the last little bit, I’ve been a stay-at-home wife..One of those women that people lovingly, and yet sometimes with disdain, refer to as a “homemaker”. (Well, I guess I’m an “apartment-maker”. 🙂 ) I cook, clean, balance the bank account, bake, etc. Don’t get me wrong, being a wife can be very fulfilling…but there HAD to be something more than just the day in, day out. There are only so many floors to mop!

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to make adorable, handmade Christmas presents for my family and close friends. Whether it’s crocheting scarves, or putting together a gift basket with cookies and homemade cocoa, I enjoy adding a personal touch to the gifts I give. I had seen (and purchased items from) Etsy before, and pondered…Should I open a shop? Life went on, time passed, and finally in September 2012, I decided..Let’s DO IT! I was super excited, opened the shop, and then…it hit. Shipping? Sure, I can ship what? I don’t have shipping supplies! Search Engine Optimization? WHAT?! They didn’t cover that in my business classes! So Etsy got put on a back burner for a while, until recently, having run out of floors to mop…for the millionth time…I decided to take a more serious approach to it. I purchased shipping supplies, created business cards and even thought of a name.. CraftyGirl!

Now, I’ve often been accused of being a domestic goddess. Apparently my ability to accomplish a lot in one day is fascinating to some people. Really, I don’t consider myself to be one, and the days that DO make me seem like one are far and inbetween. But I am definitely a crafty girl. Any given day, if you see me, I’m covered in yarn…or paint splatters. Sometimes even glitter! Crafting is an outlet for my creativity, something that soothes me even after a long day when nothing seems to go right.

And so, CraftyGirl was born. I like to think of it as my superhero alter-ego. Just imagine a redheaded superhero who knocks out bad guys with a bolt of fabric, or blinds them with glitter. Yes…that would be me. 🙂

Please feel free to check me out at  CraftyGirl Merchandise, and have a blessed day!

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