The Reluctant Model

My poor husband..haha. The things I put him through. Most recently, I was working on a custom ordered crochet beard hat, and I needed him to try it on to make sure I had the correct size. He paused in his book, put the hat on and went back to reading. “Smile!”, I shouted, as I snapped a picture. “What? You never told me you were taking a picture!” he grumbled. Oh well…he got over it quickly and went back to reading. Here’s the photographic proof…

 Request a Custom Order

One of the things I love about custom orders are the ability to create things for a specific person. You have no idea the happiness it brings me when someone receives their order and their eyes light up. The pictures they send me afterwards make me smile, giggle, and sometimes just outright laugh. My favorites, however, are custom ordered baby hats and booties. Babies are a precious gift, something to be cherished, and my heart pretty much sings whenever I get to make something for them. My husband and I don’t have any children of our own yet, but I imagine that when we do, they’re going to be covered in crochet!…and spoiled rotten. 🙂

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