Featured Shop of the Day: TimelessToyBox

CraftyGirl here! I’ve had a lot of fun these past few days, featuring various shops on my blog…and today’s shop is full of fun! Meet TimelessToyBox, a shop run by husband and wife team from Sherman Oaks, CA. TimelessToyBox is full of fun, because they sell vintage toys! Their products are so cute, I’m pretty sure they speak for themselves. Here are a few of their items that caught my eye…

Lego Ring, Party Favors, Fashion Statement - One per Order

Not only do they sell vintage toys at TimelessToyBox, but they also make and sell Lego party favors! These adorable Lego Ring Party Favors are bright and colorful, perfect for your child’s next party. (They also make Lego Necklaces, Lego Stud Earrings, Lego Heart Pendants and more!)

Star Wars Han Solo 12

My husband is a huge Star Wars junkie, and I know he’d love this Star Wars Han Solo Action Figure, made in 1992.

Lego Activity Table for Creative Play

And last, but certainly not least, TimelessToyBox makes these amazing Lego Activity Tables! Available in birch, white or red, it features a 15 inch by 15 inch play area, perfect for building anything your child’s imagination creates.

Thanks for reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop of the Day! Come back tomorrow for our next shop 🙂

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