CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: FeltLikeSweets

When I was initially searching for shops to feature on my blog, I posted in the Etsy forums asking if anyone was interested. The reply was overwhelming! (Though, who would turn down free advertising anyhow? 🙂 )

One of the replies that really caught my attention was from C.M. Cameron, father of two little girls and owner of the shop FeltLikeSweets. C.M. mentioned that he would be ideal for a feature, because he’s a dad who..get this…sews! Intrigued, I clicked on his shop link and came across a wonderland of felted cupcakes, tea bags and more, all perfect for play. Here are a few of FeltLikeSweet’s items that caught my eye 🙂

Felt Food: Scented Felt Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake Hand Stitched Cupcake -- child's pretend play, tea set, tea party, felt cupcake, gift

Strawberry Shortcake Scented Felted Cupcake, $20. It’s adorable, playful AND it smells like strawberry shortcake. That’s a win in my book 🙂

Felt Food: The Ultimate Felt Cupcakes, Cookies, and Tea Time Sweets Set -- The ultimate children's pretend play, tea set, tea party, or gift
The Ultimate Felted Food Set, $240. Adorably handcrafted, this set features 4 felt cupcakes, 8 felt cookies, 6 felt sandwich cookies, 4 felt iced cookies, 4 felt tea bags, 4 felt strawberries and 4 felt lemons.

Felt tea bags -- 5 handmade felt tea bags with beads for children's pretend play, tea set, tea party, tea bags, gift

Set of 5 Felt Tea Bags, $28. Intricately designed with a dash of sparkle, these adorable tea bags are perfect for play time.

Stay crafty!

One thought on “CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: FeltLikeSweets

  1. So nice of you, Katie, to feature my shop!! I have so much fun making these little creations, and am so proud that you have chosen to feature them in your blog.I'm always \”cooking up\” something new! There are 10 new scented cupcake flavors just out of the \”oven.\” 5 have already been listed in my Etsy shop, . Your readers can see the yet-to-be listed flavors on my Facebook page: . And I'm gearing up for Easter. I have a tone of Easter basket friendly items hitting the storefront early in March! Thanks again, and all the best to you and your readers,C.M. Cameron


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