First Fruits

So, when I’m not being a super awesome business owner, direct sales representative and housewife, I’m also *gasp* a gardener! Now, don’t be fooled…typically, my luck with plants is not that good. But I was tickled pink this afternoon when I went to water my tomato plants and found this:

That, my dears, is a tiny baby tomato on one of the wonderful tomato plants my neighbor gave me. (She ended up with several dozen from the seeds she had sown. Maybe that’s why I’m doing so well with them.. I’m not the one who originally planted them! 😉 )

I am super excited to have fresh tomatoes this summer. I don’t typically eat them raw (except in some salsas) but I am totally thinking of fresh marinara sauce…

Until next time…stay crafty! And get out there and grow something! 🙂
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