CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LordOfTheBeads

LordOfTheBeads features gorgeous, one of a kind authentic, ancient bead jewelry. Owned by owner Raed Aidi, LordOfTheBeads provides antique beads with detail and history that you can’t find anywhere else. Rich with history and detail, any of LordOfTheBeads’ pieces would be the perfect addition to your outfit.
Here’s a couple of Raed’s listings that I found absolutely amazing:
Rare Genuine Antique Egyptian Agate Beads Necklace | Mayada
Featuring rare and genuine ancient Egyptian agates, this piece is rich in history and style!
Roman old Amber Beads, about 1100 years old, 100 g
According to Raed, “This divine necklace is comprised of amber beads that are over 1100 years old. I have collected them over many years on my various travels and this piece has 100 grams of pure amber beading. The pieces are irregularly (hand) cut and have their origins in the Holy Land.”
Ancient stones with antiquated glass beads make this necklace one of a kind!

LordOfTheBeads also features an assortment of individual beads…
Nice White Authentic Ancient Bead 
Lot 3 Large Amber Resin African Beads 
Be sure to stop by LordOfTheBeads and check out Raed’s amazing selection of ancient and antiquated beads and jewelry!
Until next time…stay crafty!


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