CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: TheJewellryRoomUK

Featuring bespoke handmade jewelry, TheJewellryRoomUK is a new Etsy shop with a gorgeous array of rings for sale. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne in England, owner Scott Hepple is just getting started, but has almost a full 3 pages filled with gorgeous ring designs; each ring is unique. Here are a few of Scott’s items that caught my eye:   1.18ct Black Sapphire & 32 … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: TheJewellryRoomUK

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: IslandTreasures2013

Today’s featured shop evokes a fun, laid-back beach sense of style while still maintaining a timeless elegance. Meet Alyssia Dodson, owner of IslandTreasures2013, based in Manvel, TX. Alyssia has always had a love for creating, and her creativity shines through in her items for sale. Some of Alyssia’s favorite materials to work with are sterling silver, lampwork glass, and natural stones.  Here are a few … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: IslandTreasures2013

Shop Closing Sale

CraftyGirl Merchandise is having a 40% off shop closing sale! It’s time to take an indefinite break from selling online and focus on other pursuits…buying a home, getting healthier, and hopefully becoming a mom. 🙂 So! I’m selling off my shop stock for 40% off. You’ll get GREAT deals on gifts for this holiday season! 40% off everything, including these items:   Crochet Ear Warmer … Continue reading Shop Closing Sale

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: NorthWoodRings

Today’s featured shop is based in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Featuring high quality and a Care-For-Life guarantee, NorthWoodRings offers elegant, understated rings perfect for any occasion. (I think they’d make excellent Christmas gifts) Here are just a few of NorthWoodRings’ items that caught my eye:   Ebony Wooden Ring with 4mm Moissanite Stone, $575.00     Wooden Ring -American Elm Bentwood Wooden Ring, $145.00    … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: NorthWoodRings

A Special CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ThatCountryMama

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, since we’ve known each other for years, but I simply adore ThatCountryMama’s handcrafted baskets. Owned and operated by my friend Nikita, ThatCountryMama doesn’t have a lot of shop stock as she’s just getting started, but what she does have is wonderfully handcrafted and of very high quality. Nikita is a busy mom of two adorable boys; I’m not sure how … Continue reading A Special CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ThatCountryMama

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Diomios

Today’s featured shop makes exquisite, one of a kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else. Meet Irinel Popescu, owner of Etsy shop Diomios. Based in Jacksonville, FL, Irinel handcrafts statement jewelry pieces, and recently opened in August 2014. Irinel feels that any positive thoughts she puts into the jewelry she makes gets transferred to the person wearing it, and each piece embodies her hopes and … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Diomios

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: YellowBeeVintage

Today’s featured shop allows you to own a piece of the past – timeless fashion, intricate housewares and fun accessories – all at affordable prices.Meet Nicci, the owner of YellowBeeVintage. Based in Glendale, AZ, Nicci’s shop offers a wide array of vintage goodies; dresses, dinnerware, patterns and more. Recently opened in August, YellowBeeVintage has amazing photos and impeccable reviews. Here are a few of Nicci’s … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: YellowBeeVintage