CraftyGirl’s Feature Shop: FairyandtheFirefly

Creativity can blossom from many different places, and into many different forms. Inspired by nature, FairyandtheFirefly is owner Mia Malaine’s creative outlet. Using items found in nature, Mia creates delicate and intricate fairy houses & miniatures, with the tiniest of details. Mia’s fairy creations are perfect for your windowsill, to attract fairies, luck and peace to your home. Made with findings from the woods, FairyandtheFirefly’s creations are equal parts eco friendly and whimsical beauty. Here are a few of her items that caught my eye:
Furnished Riverside Fairy House with Balcony 
Fairy Table and Chairs Set For Supper
Fairy Mica Treasure box 
Twig and Ivy Fairy Rocking Chair with Slipper Boots
Beach Fairy Bath House 
Make sure to check out Mia & FairyandtheFirefly on Instagram, @thefairyandthefirefly for updates and new items!
Until next time…stay crafty (and believe in fairies)!
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