A Special CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JcLeathercraft

When it comes to finding handcrafted treasures, Etsy is definitely the place to go. There’s an endless amount of creativity…and the same can be said for today’s featured shop. Meet Joshua Clukey, owner of JcLeathercraft. Based in Georgetown, Delaware, Joshua creates handcrafted leather goods, from the minimalistic guitar picks to the elegantly stitched Leather Bible CoverJoshua started making his handcrafted leather products when he realized how cheaply made retail leather products were. Determined to provide a better quality, Joshua started selling to friends and family before opening up JcLeathercraft. Joshua designs all of his items, preferring minimalistic designs to let the materials speak for themselves; and he gladly accepts custom orders! Here are a few of JcLeathercraft’s items that caught my eye:
Leather Bible Cover. Personalized 
Leather Bible Cover. Personalized $149.99Handstitched and handstamped, custom sized to fit your Bible. Pick between natural, light brown, chestnut, dark brown and black colors.
Handmade Personalized Leather Wallet. Wedding Coordinates.
Handmade Personalized Leather Wallet. Wedding Coordinates. $60.00   – Handstitched with two quality pieces of thick leather, this customized wallet measures 3.5 inches by 8 inches.
Owl Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace 
Owl Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace $14.99+ – 100% vegetable tanned leather and a stainless steel chain, perfect for a gift or for yourself!
Cross Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace
Cross Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace $14.99+Featuring price breaks for bulk ordering, this necklace is also 100% vegetable tanned leather.
Leather Headphone Cable Organizer 
Leather Headphone Cable Organizer $6.00+  – Save yourself from a tangled mess of cables with this great handcrafted leather cable organizer. Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 and 10.
As a special treat for CraftyGirl Creates readers, use coupon code CRAFTYGIRL10OFF for 10% off anything in the store at JcLeathercraft! Make sure to check out JcLeathercraft’s website, as well as their Facebook page!

Until next time…stay crafty (and buy handmade)!
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