: Social Media Tool Review

When you’re a busy Etsy seller, you’re often multitasking; whether you’re filling orders, creating new items, or trying to squeeze in some business while taking care of your family, every tool you can use to make your business simpler is a life saver.
Are you tired of trying to find time in the day to post new Tweets? Is updating your Facebook page taking too much precious time? Try, a social media scheduling tool that helps you balance your social media presence. lets you view your Etsy shop listings and choose which ones you want to promote. Here’s a screenshot of the item view; It’s easy to read and easy to find what you want. 
Here’s a screenshot of your social media scheduling options. You can choose between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.
When you use the Day Planner and choose to create tweets, will create a sampling of automated tweets for you from your Etsy listings. You can add or delete any tweets you want; it’s easy to customize!
The same can also be said for scheduling Facebook posts; will automatically create posts for you from your Etsy shop listings. Post what you want, and discard what you don’t!
You can also add RSS feeds….
…and refer friends to earn a free week of! (This is my referral link)
The settings page is easy to navigate, with options to connect your social media accounts.
CraftyGirl’s verdict: is easy to use and saves valuable time on promoting your Etsy items. Just think of all the things you could get done with your free time!
Until next time…stay crafty (and save time)!
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