CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: willpigg

It’s normal to find an artist on Etsy who is talented in one area. But when you find an artist who is not only talented, but wonderfully so, in TWO areas.. It’s a delight. Meet Will Pigg, owner of Etsy shop willpigg. Featuring handcut papercrafts and illustrations, Will specializes in art related to storybooks & fables, as well as appealing to fandoms everywhere with his geek art. Willpigg has glowing reviews, and an array of items to choose from. Here’s my top 5 from Etsy shop willpigg:
Always Snape and Lily - Harry Potter silhouette handcut paper craft 

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Spinning Wheel silhouette handcut paper craft 
Jack's Lament - Nightmare Before Christmas - signed museum quality giclée fine art print Charcoal and Pastel

AT-AT Walker on Hoth - Star Wars silhouette handcut paper craft 
Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a fan of Harry Potter, or just a fan of art, there’s plenty of options to choose from in willpigg’s store. Make sure to check out the rest of Will’s shop stock; you can also find him at
Until next time…stay crafty (and appreciate art)!
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