CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LaneGemsandLapidary

Whether you’re in the market for that special cut stone, or a jewelry piece, you can find both at LaneGemsandLapidary on Etsy. Owners Kelly & Lisa Lane hand cut their stones, a process that takes hours; most commercially available stones are cut with a machine overseas in minutes, so hand cutting adds special uniqueness, quality and value to your stone. Most cutting houses cut for the fastest largest yield for rough gemstones, whereas LaneGemsandLapidary cuts for quality & precision over quantity and speed. Their motto is, “Optimus ego can operor” or “The best I can do”, and they put that effort into each of their products. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from LaneGemsandLapidary:

USA Hand Cut 7 Carat Natural Citrine Round Brilliant Cut VVS Wholesale for Pendant or Ring 
Amethyst & Peridot Silver Ring Size 7

Hand Cut Peridot Calibrated Square Step Emerald Cut Gemstone 5.1mm .75 Carat VVS Destash 
4 ctw Oval White Topaz Earrings Set in 925 Silver FREE SHIPPING

USA Hand Cut 2 Carat Natural Rose De France Amethyst Portuguese Cut Round Brilliant Cut VS Wholesale for Pendant or Ring 
Make sure to check out LaneGemsandLapidary for the rest of their shop stock!
Until next time…stay crafty (and shop Etsy)!
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