CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JosyroseHaberdashery

I don’t know about you, but I could spend hours in a craft supplies store. (My husband can vouch for that!) There’s something about the colors, the’s just mesmerizing. So, imagine how long I can spend staring at my computer screen at online craft supply stores. Clear, quality pictures are important..and JosyroseHaberdashery agrees. Based in London, England, JosyroseHaberdashery’s pictures are clear and crisp, making it seem as if you could almost reach out and touch their shop stock from your computer screen. Specializing in sequins, diamanté and vintage buttons, JosyroseHaberdashery has a wide array of products in several categories. Here’s my top 5 favorites from their shop stock:

12 Diamante heart charms. Silver AB 17 x 19mm. JR07068 BULK 
1 pack of 50 light siam diamante. Hot fix. Size 5mm/ss20. JR02322

Peacock Feather. Pack of 3. JR01637 
Metallic Gold Snaking Sequin & Lurex Trim. 14mm

Skull & Cross Bones Diamante Button. Shiny Silver. 18x15mm 
Make sure to check out JosyroseHaberdashery to see the rest of their shop stock! 🙂 You can also find them at

Until next time…stay crafty (and shop Etsy)!
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