Support the Arts: Jayme Hunt

Today’s post is a bit of a variation from my usual…but still incredibly crafty. We’ve all heard of crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc….but have you heard of Patreon? Patreon gives people a chance to support the arts; you can pledge money towards a specific artist to help them buy materials, studio time, etc, in order to improve their art. 
Jayme Huntis one of the artists available to be sponsored on Patreon. Jayme specializes in a special process of her own process, quainting. According to Jayme, “I take watercolor paper and paint it Plein Aire style to ensure I get all the colors of the scene I’ve chosen. Then I bring the pages home and cut them all up! I twirl them all up using two toothpicks I’ve glued and taped together (for really). Then I start gluing those, matching the pattern of my scene, on edge to the background piece of watercolor paper. After the glue is dry, I go back over an area and paint the edges of the watercolor paper I just glued down. It’s a long process but the results give a play on light and shadow that just can’t be achieved with just paint alone.”

The image speaks for itself; Jayme’s method adds dimension and detail far surpassing the usual painting. Right now, Jayme has a few supporters, but would love to be able to buy some professional paints and additional supplies. If you’re into supporting the arts, go check out Jayme’s Patreon page – All supporters are entered into a giveaway! You can also find her at
Until next time…stay crafty (and support the arts)!
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