CraftyGirl Creates: Jotieshop

Today’s featured shop is Jotieshop! Based in Yerevan, Armenia, Jotieshop offers jewelry made of stingray leather and gold. Recently opened, Jotieshop doesn’t have a lot of shop stock currently, but what items they do have are definitely high quality and very detailed. If you contact Jotieshop’s owner, you’ll receive a coupon code discount for 5% off! Jotieshop’s items are a premium class gift for that special someone. Here’s my top 5 favorites from Jotieshop:
Jotie Luxury Stingray Bracelet 
Luxury Genuine Stingray Leather Bracelet

Luxury Gold Jewelry Set 
Luxury Genuine Stingray Leather Bracelet

Luxury Original Stingray Leather Bracelet 
You can also find Jotieshop on Facebook, as well as at their website!
Until next time…stay crafty (and shop handmade)!
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