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Month: May 2015

Etsy Find: Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

If you’re looking for a gift for the world traveler in your life, check out today’s Etsy Find from shop CheckOutLA. Based in Los Angeles, CA, owner Phil enjoys creating custom, bespoke leather luggage tags & gladly accepts large orders. Currently, Phil is offering a special coupon code – CRAFTYGIRL – for FREE U.S. shipping!   So, here’s the Etsy find: this handmade luggage tag is made of heavy weight vegetable tan 8-9 ounce leather and hand stamped & cut. Then it’s dyed & coated with a water resistant sealant… Read more Etsy Find: Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SUMACLOTHES

Offering handmade artisan children’s clothing, today’s featured shop is SUMACLOTHES. Based in Houston, TX, owner Marcela Osuna has over 100 items currently in stock, including christening gowns, accessories & more. SUMACLOTHES is all about supporting fellow artists, and being blessed with being able to share their designs with the world. When you buy an item from SUMACLOTHES, you’re helping artisans & their families as they lovingly pass their talents down from generation to generation. Right now, SUMACLOTHES is offering a special coupon code – SUMACLOTHES – for 5% off your… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SUMACLOTHES

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JulieKahlo

Beauty is everywhere we go. There’s beauty in nature, in the way we interact, and definitely beauty in art…like at Etsy shop JulieKahlo. Very recently opened, just a week ago, owner Julie Kahlo opened her self-titled shop to share her art with the world. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Julie prides herself on being able to provide affordable, fun & quirky original art, with worldwide shipping available. (She also accepts custom orders!) Here’s my top 5 favorite items from Etsy shop JulieKahlo:   Geometric Features (Violet)Digitally altered Illustration $5.61  Custom portrait… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JulieKahlo

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Camerallure

Today’s featured shop offers an array of fine art photography, as well as calendars, cushion covers & cell phone cases. Meet Gemma Vitetta, owner of Etsy shop Camerallure. Based in the Gold Coast of Australia, Camerallure opened in December 2013 and has wonderful reviews. Gemma strives to provide unique and high-quality prints with each & every order, pouring her creative side into the shots she takes. Whether it’s a picture of a serene ocean, a macro shot of a flower with a bee, or even funky food art, Gemma takes… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Camerallure

Etsy Find: Solar Powered Umbrella Charging Station!

I love being at the beach. Growing up, I was only about a half hour drive away – though during tourist season, it took a LOT longer! 🙂 Since my skin burns so easily, I would usually spend a lot of my time hiding under a beach umbrella, hoping I could stay out of the sun long enough to avoid turning the shade of a cooked lobster. I really wish I had today’s Etsy find back then! Meet Greg Gottfried, owner of new Etsy shop SolarSpotUmbrellas. Very recently opened, SolarSpotUmbrellas… Read more Etsy Find: Solar Powered Umbrella Charging Station!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: CrochetLynnsWay

Babies are a precious gift, regardless of the circumstances of how they come into your life. It’s so fun dressing them up in adorable outfits, and there are some incredibly adorable baby apparel & accessory items on Etsy! Take a look at Etsy shop CrochetLynnsWay; owner Lynn Perkins creates an array of crocheted baby items & accessories with a variety of colors & textures. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from Etsy shop CrochetLynnsWay:   Mickey Mouse inspired beanie $20.00  Monster beanie $25.00   Hand made crocheted cowboy or cowgirl… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: CrochetLynnsWay

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Kultured

One of the things I love about browsing on Etsy is seeing handmade items from all around the world…and this post is no exception. Based in New Zealand, Etsy shop Kultured opened in April 2015 and features wall art, home decor & more. With over 180 items, there’s something for everyone; tote bags, phone cases, prints & cushion covers. With bright colors, fun fonts & unique designs, Kultured has already had an impressive 11 sales in under two months. Kultured accepts custom orders, and is willing to switch out colors… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Kultured

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: WhatIsInTheBox

Sometimes I come across Etsy shops that just amaze me with the detail in their work, and WhatIsInTheBox is no exception. Recently opened earlier this month, WhatIsInTheBox offers laser-cut music boxes, musical jewelry boxes, and light cube candle holders. Located in Little Rock, AR, owner Jack Gaston already has two sales in less than a week of being open. Impressive! Crafted from birch wood, each design is precise and intricate in detail; any of WhatIsInTheBox’s items would make a wonderful gift. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from WhatIsInTheBox:  … Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: WhatIsInTheBox

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: DorisDotz

I…LOVE craft supplies. You’d be able to take one look at my craft room..err, guest room…and see that for yourself. There are so many different variations of colors, textures…so many great projects that spring to mind when I see that “perfect” color online. That’s why I love browsing stores on Etsy; you never know what you’ll find! Check out Etsy shop DorisDotz, owned by Meyer Imports. For over 50 years, Meyer Imports has imported their products directly from small, family run companies in Germany. Featuring vintage & tiny miniatures,… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: DorisDotz

Etsy Find: Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

When I promote my blog posts so I can reach more readers, I use a wide array of social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. While looking on Google+ for an Etsy find to feature on my blog, I came across this video review of a custom vanity mirror. I was pretty impressed! The buyer, melicp88, was really pleased with her purchase, so I checked out the Etsy shop she purchased it from, CustomVanity. Owner Gary Wheeler & I messaged about my intent to share his vanity mirror on my… Read more Etsy Find: Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ThaiHaremPants

Picking out an outfit can be really fun; it’s yet another way of being able to express yourself & your personality. Colors, textures, shapes, patterns…the possibilities are endless. Check out Etsy shop ThaiHaremPants; brightly colored, patterned pants, shorts & more are available for sale. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, ThaiHaremPants opened in March 2015 and already has an impressive 180+ sales. Right now, ThaiHaremPants is offering a special coupon code – take5off – for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from ThaiHaremPants:  … Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ThaiHaremPants

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KonaMaliCreations

When planning your wedding, it’s important to not forget one of the littlest members of your bridal party – your flower girl! There are so many timeless options out there, and Etsy shop KonaMaliCreations has several of them. Based in New York, NY, owner Donna handcrafts flower girl dresses & accessories. It’s your big day, but it often feels like a big day for your flower girl; why not get her a dress that will make her feel like a star? With KonaMaliCreations’ many picks, you can find a dress… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KonaMaliCreations

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: EasyWallArt

Home decorating can be great; you get to express your personality through the colors & textures that you pick out. But sometimes, you want a decorating option that doesn’t permanently alter your walls; this is where vinyl wall decals are a great option, like the many wall decals in stock at Etsy shop EasyWallArt. With over 400 options to choose from, there’s something for each room of your house available at EasyWallArt. Currently, EasyWallArt is offering TWO coupon codes! Use coupon code FreeShippingNow for free shipping on orders over $50,… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: EasyWallArt

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ShawnStPeter

Decorating a child’s room can be really fun, but as they grow older, their styles change, and you’re stuck with redecorating it at least a few times. Noticing this need, architectural photographer Shawn St. Peter decided to create timeless art that can grow with your children and work in any room – whether it’s a nursery or a room for your teenager. In Shawn’s Etsy shop, ShawnStPeter, you can find a wide arrange of items for any room in your house. In just over two years, Shawn has become one… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ShawnStPeter

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: GothChicAccessories

Just because you’re going to a formal event doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun with your accessories. When my husband and I were dating, I purchased some Star Wars R2-D2 cufflinks for him, and he wore them to our wedding! (And yes, I was fine with it. 🙂  ) You might as well have a little fun with your accessories, and Etsy shop GothChicAccessories has plenty of cufflinks, tie clips and more to choose from. Based in Milano, Italy, GothicChicAccessories has been open since January 2013 and… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: GothChicAccessories

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SummerBrompton

If you’re unable to travel, modern technology has allowed you to be able to visually travel all over the world. Thanks to internet searches, social media sites and loads of pictures, you can look up almost any place you want to go to! Also, with the increase in technology, you can purchase items with international flair from all over the world with the simple click of a button. For example, Turkish pillow cases from Etsy shop SummerBrompton. Recently opened in early May 2015, SummerBrompton is a store where you’ll find… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SummerBrompton

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KMBankston

Summer is a great season – warm temperatures, sunshine and fun outside! It’s also a great season to accessorize in; bright colors are everywhere. If you’re looking for some brightly colored, handcrafted jewelry, check out Etsy shop KMBankston. Based in Hitchcock, TX, owner Kathy Bankston enjoys crafting jewelry pieces for everyday wear & special occasions. Right now, Kathy is offering a special coupon code – GOSUMMER – for 20% off your order until May 31st, 2015. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from KMBankston:   Crystal Earrings, Blue Crystal Earrings,… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KMBankston

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: MugHugCozy

If you’re looking for a cute, quirky gift for that coffee or tea lover in your life, check out Etsy shop MugHugCozy. Based in Parker, CO, MugHugCozy creates colorful and whimsical mug cozies, & accepts custom orders. Recently opened in March of this year, MugHugCozy’s few reviews are incredibly positive; everyone agrees that the mug cozies are just adorable! Here’s my top 5 favorite items from MugHugCozy:   Dr Who inspired cup cozy. Travel mug cozy. Bow ties are cool Coffee cozy Knitted cup sleeve Beige red bow tie Eco-friendly… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: MugHugCozy

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SlothJunk

I love seeing handmade creations from all over the world…but I especially like to see handmade creations made from materials that most people would just throw away. Sometimes, out of the rejects and the supposed trash, the best creations are made. Etsy shop SlothJunk agrees; all of their items are made from recycled electronics! Whether it’s video game consoles, circuit boards or other electronics, owner Rosie Jury aims to bring new life to things that no longer work. Right now, SlothJunk is offering a special coupon code – craftygirl –… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SlothJunk

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Velapure

If you’re looking for all natural soy candles….look no further! Check out Etsy shop Velapure. Based in San Diego, CA, owner Haydee Navarro enjoys handcrafting candles that contain high quality ingredients, many from American farmers. Velapure’s candles are 100% soy wax, and are environmentally friendly & produce little to no soot when used. Burning cleaner & stronger, Haydee crafts candles that come in an assortment of fragrances for every occasion. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from Velapure:   6 oz. Coconut Lime Soy Candle (Summer Fragance) $10.00  6 oz.… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Velapure

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LamplightDesignCo

Some days, I am just really blown away by the creativity of some of the wonderful Etsy shops I see…and this shop is one of them! Meet James Brighouse, co-owner of Etsy shop LamplightDesignCo. Based in Uttoxeter, England, UK, LamplightDesignCo’s shop specializes in marquee lighting, perfect for photo shoots, home decor, parties & more. James and his wife Samantha handcraft marquee lighting from their home, sharing a passion for nostalgia and a mission to marry the design of the past with modern craftsmanship. James & Samantha adore filling their shop… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LamplightDesignCo

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: TheSlyFoxVintage

Every piece of jewelry is capable of creating new memories and stories. Some jewelry, like the jewelry from today’s featured shop, comes with stories of its own. Meet Tara Penick, from Fort Lauderdale, FL, owner of  TheSlyFoxVintage. As the only granddaughter of her grandmother Marcia, she has had many items passed down to her over the years. With her grandmother’s permission, Tara is listing this carefully curated jewelry collection with the aim of finding each piece a loving home. Specializing in vintage jewelry and accessories, proceeds from sales will go… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: TheSlyFoxVintage

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ElenaCollectionUSA

One of the reasons why I love featuring Etsy shops on my blog is that I get to see gorgeous handmade detail; the smallest of details make an item so much better. And the same can be said for the items from today’s featured shop, ElenaCollectionUSA. Based in Los Angeles, CA, owner Elena Pulido offers a wide array of items; wedding accessories, christening gowns, photo props & more. With items made to order, Elena also gladly accepts custom orders and loves working with silk, lace & other luxurious materials. Here’s… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ElenaCollectionUSA

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JakeandEmmysDad

Today may have been Mother’s Day, but today’s featured shop is all about the father.. Jake and Emmy’s father, to be precise! Meet Phil Pinsky, proud father of Jake & Emmy, and owner of Etsy shop JakeandEmmysDad. Based in Montreal, QC, Canada, Phil decided to open his Etsy shop when he started making things he felt his kids could use – stepstools, garbage cans, etc. Adding bright colors and custom flair to his projects, Phil opened his Etsy shop in April 2015. While Phil is just getting started, he already… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JakeandEmmysDad

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: BlueMonkeyBrands

Today’s featured shop offers a vast array of craft tools, supplies and more. Meet Paul Owens, owner of BlueMonkeyBrands. Based in Barlow, KY, BlueMonkeyBrands opened in December 2014 and has over 1600+ items in stock. Wow! From leather tools, to beads, even soap-making supplies, there’s something for everyone at BlueMonkeyBrands. With fast delivery and a 30-day guarantee, BlueMonkeyBrands has glowing reviews and plenty of items to choose from. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from BlueMonkeyBrands:   Precision Bench Top Mini Cut-Off Saw makes ACCURATE PRECISION CUTS in soft metals,… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: BlueMonkeyBrands