CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: DorisDotz

I…LOVE craft supplies. You’d be able to take one look at my craft room..err, guest room…and see that for yourself. There are so many different variations of colors, textures…so many great projects that spring to mind when I see that “perfect” color online. That’s why I love browsing stores on Etsy; you never know what you’ll find! Check out Etsy shop DorisDotz, owned by Meyer Imports. For over 50 years, Meyer Imports has imported their products directly from small, family run companies in Germany. Featuring vintage & tiny miniatures, German glass glitter and more, DorisDotz is offering a special deal – free samples with every order! DorisDotz also offers wholesale pricing – please contact them for more information. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from DorisDotz:

Purple Shine Glitter  - 311-BD-01 - 1 oz jar

Realistic Pumpkin - Set of 4 - 101-1728

Bottle Set - Blue Green Lilac Seashell Super Shards 311-SSG2

Corn Dollhouse Minis - German - 6 pcs - IV3-2532

Violet Fusion Multigrain Glitter - 311-7090-VT
With over 900 items in stock, there’s plenty to choose from at DorisDotz!
Until next time, stay crafty (and be creative)!

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