CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Camerallure

Today’s featured shop offers an array of fine art photography, as well as calendars, cushion covers & cell phone cases. Meet Gemma Vitetta, owner of Etsy shop Camerallure. Based in the Gold Coast of Australia, Camerallure opened in December 2013 and has wonderful reviews. Gemma strives to provide unique and high-quality prints with each & every order, pouring her creative side into the shots she takes. Whether it’s a picture of a serene ocean, a macro shot of a flower with a bee, or even funky food art, Gemma takes great pride in her work and is so pleased to be able to offer it for purchase. She would also like to invite you to follow her on Instagram and share in her adventures! Here’s a very special top 10 favorite items from Camerallure:

Honey Bee Photo, Yellow Flower, Nature Fine Art Photo // Macro Flower Photo, Nature Wall Art, Cottage Chic, Apartment Decor - 5x5/8x8 print 
Woodland Forest Photo, Nature Fine Art // Tree Photography, Summer Decor, Rustic, Cottage Chic Decor, Matte Finish - 8x12/10x15/16x20/

Blue Starfish Photo, Beach Decor // Minimalist, Fine Art Photography, Pacific Style Decor, For Beach Homes, Beach Wall Art - 8x12 
Beach Photography, Waterscape Fine Art Photo // Sunset Wall Art, Beach Decor, Apartment Decor, Summer Photo, Australia - 8x8

Yellow Flower Photo, Cottage Chic Décor, Flower Photography, Fine Art, Nursery Art, Botanical Wall Art, Nature Home Décor - 5x5 - 8x8 photo.

Water Drop Photo, Abstract Wall Art, Nature Fine Art Photo // Green Leaf, Minimalist Decor, Zen Art, Macro Photo, Bathroom Decor - 5x7/8x12 
Sand of Times II - Abstract Photo, Beach Cottage Art, Fine Art Photography, Neutral Colours, Zen Photo, Minimalist Home Décor - Matte Photo

Surreal Wall Art, OOAK, Woodland Photo // Nature Fine Art Photo, Eyes Photo, Cottage Chic Decor, Spooky Decor, Apartment Decor - 8x12 Matte 
Pistachio Macaron, Food Photo // Still Life, Fine Art Photo, Pastel Green, French Macaron, Macro Food, Kawaii, Kitchen Art - 8x8/8x12/10x15

Pretzel Wall Art, Food Photo // Still Life, Macro Fine Art Photography, Minimalist Décor, Kitchen Art - 5x5/8x8/12x12 
 So, make sure to check out Camerallure for all of the items that Gemma has in stock, and don’t forget to go to Gemma’s Instagram to follow along on her adventures!
Until next time, stay crafty (and appreciate art)!

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