CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: XYZWorkshop

3D printing has proved to be very versatile & innovative, improving the quality of life of many, many people. While 3D printing has created some amazing things – prosthetic limbs, for instance – it’s also a way to create amazing art and express yourself through your creations. The sky is the limit with the designs possible…and today’s featured Etsy shop has taken their designs to the extreme – the adorable extreme! Check out XYZWorkshop, an Etsy shop specializing in 3D printed items from Melbourne, Australia. Opened in September 2014, XYZWorkshop offers printed accessories, decor, and most notably, Robbie the Robot planters! Robbie the Robot has been their most popular selling item by far, and I can see why….it’s functional, but adds a sense of playfulness, which is inspired by XYZWorkshop owners’ 3 year old son. XYZWorkshop also offers 3D printed accessories, a few of which I’m happy to feature in my top 5 favorite items:
3dprinted Cute Robot Succulent Planter with Steampunk Heart 
Geometric Blossom 3DPrinted Ring

Set of 3 3dprinted Robot planters 
3dprinted Wireframe Bracelet

Hanging Planter 3DPrinted Robot on a Swing 
So, make sure to check out XYZWorkshop and see about ordering a little Robbie the Robot planter of your own. 🙂
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy international)!

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