CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ChicJoaillerie

Elegant, understated jewelry is the perfect way to accessorize most any outfit, and is also a great gift option. Whether it’s for that special someone, friend or a close relative, jewelry is a great, meaningful gift option that really shows that you put thought into purchasing a gift. Gift cards are great, sure…but there are some occasions that are perfect for jewelry. Valentine’s Day is obviously one of the most popular occasions, but what about graduation? A job promotion? Mother’s Day? If you’re looking for great jewelry gift ideas, check out Etsy shop ChicJoaillerie. Based in Los Angeles, CA, ChicJoaillerie has glowing reviews and an impressive 700+ sales! Handcrafted with 14K gold, diamonds and precious stones, there are over currently 150 items in stock. With a wide array of price points to choose from, there’s something available for every budget. Here’s my top 3 picks from ChicJoaillerie:

Tiny 14K Yellow Gold Small Diamond Solitaire Necklace Diamond Pendant

New 14K Rose Gold Ring with Smoky Quartz Black Diamonds Halo Champagne Diamonds Engagement Ring

Ear cuff earrings 14K Yellow Gold and white Diamonds earcuff clip
So, make sure to check out ChicJoaillerie for great gift ideas – or a splurge for yourself. 🙂
Until next time, stay crafty (and wear jewelry)!

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