CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Kipfashion

I think it’s important to have fun with what you wear. A lot of people tend to shy away from color, sticking with dark solid colors like black, navy or gray, feeling that it’s more slimming or professional. Colors can, in fact, be slimming and work appropriate – it’s all in how you use it. 🙂 There’s certainly no lack of color at Etsy shop Kipfashion! Bright, colorful and stylish, Kipfashion’s African inspired style is affordable & vibrant. Designer Kodjo Isaiah grew up assisting his mom with purchasing African textiles, and fell in love with the beauty of the fabrics. Kodjo has a main website,, that features all of his items currently for sale, and opened his Etsy shop in January 2015. Here’s a very special top 7 picks from Etsy shop Kipfashion:

Ankara Fabric Covered Shoe, Ankara high heel shoe

Floral African Prints maxi Dress, Pleated maxi dress

African converse shoe, Fashionable converse shoe, African converse sneakers

Orange African Prints Midi Dress

Blue Wax print shoe, Ankara print Man's shoe

Vintage African prints jumpsuit dress

Ankara wax flat shoe, Summer shoe, party shoe, kipfashion shoes
Don’t forget, Kipfashion’s Etsy shop is just a sampling of some of the items that are currently for sale at their main website,! Make sure to check out to see all of the items currently available 🙂
Until next time, stay crafty (and support small businesses)!

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