Psyched To Sell Crafts

Getting started selling your crafts can be hard; there are a lot of venues out there available, and not just online. Farmer’s markets, co-ops, craft shows, etc. How do you know which one suits you?
Check out! Psyched To Sell Crafts offers a quiz for $9.99 that helps you determine what selling venues you’ll be most successful at, and is planning on offering courses in the near future on strength-based marketing. The quiz is professionally developed, and offers results based in the introvert/extrovert sociability scale as well as over 80 pages of great tips & information. 
I decided to take the quiz so I could tell y’all about it, and I was very pleased. I found it to be comprehensive and really helpful – and also very true. For example, it correctly identified me as a mild introvert who likes to plan ahead…and if you knew me personally, you’d know how much I LOVE to plan ahead! (Maybe a little too much, sometimes). 
Psyched To Sell Crafts is also offering a FREE report on throwing a successful home party! You can find the report here. is also running a contest for people who feature them on their blog! Check it out here.
And, unlike some other websites, Psyched To Sell Crafts focuses on your positives & strengths – not your weaknesses. Playing up your strengths is a great way to get ahead; not just personally, but professionally. Owner Reggie has always focused on bringing out the best in people, and loves setting them up for success. 
So, what’s CraftyGirl’s final verdict on Psyched To Sell Crafts? I think that it’s definitely worth a try! For only $9.99, getting a comprehensive quiz with pages and pages of support is more than worth it! 
Make sure to check out and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Reggie!
Until next time, stay crafty (and craft!)

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