Become more successful selling handmade online with The Handmade Sellers Magazine!

If you’re thinking about selling handmade items online, or you’re already a handmade seller, then this post is for you. Selling online can be confusing and stressful – figuring out how to photograph your products, looking for selling tips, and a lot more. How do you stand out from other sellers?
There’s not a magical formula to success; success takes a lot of hard work. But there are resources, tips, and tricks online that can give you a lot of help. There’s a new resource that I am SUPER excited about! Check out The Handmade Sellers Magazine! Created by four former Etsy sellers, The Handmade Seller Magazine launches in October and will feature columns by guest experts, tips & tricks for selling, and much more for many online selling venues.

Covering several topics, like finding the right audience for your items, The Handmade Seller Magazine is offering a special pre-launch price of $1.99 per month! That’s a $1 off the normal monthly subscription price. (You can also subscribe for the pre-launch price of $19.99 a year for the BEST savings!)
I can’t wait to see the tips & tricks that The Handmade Sellers Magazine will offer in the first issue. Make sure to check it out, and get your pre-orders in!
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

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