CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ancienttribal

Jewelry is a fun way to change up any look – add a necklace, a new stud or a bracelet, and your outfit suddenly changes. Today’s featured shop specializes in jewelry perfect for your piercings – nose studs, cartilage piercings and more. Based in Israel, owner Elizabeth loves to handcraft jewelry for her shop, ancienttribal.  Her love of creating jewelry was passed down from her father, a master jeweler who she would sit and watch work for hours. Opened in early 2015, ancienttribal has 175+ items in stock, and already has a very impressive 500+ sales. Currently, Elizabeth is offering a special coupon code – ETI123 – for 10% off your order. Here’s my top 3 items from Etsy shop ancienttribal:

tragus stud 24g tragus stud opal tragus silver tragus nose piercing tiny stud tragus

NOSE RING gold nose ring silver nose ring fake nose ring nose rings set

GOLD STUD turquoise stone nose stud 14 k gold filled nose screw body jewelry nose stud gold studs
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

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