CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Taotin

I love showing off one of a kind jewelry pieces; unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else. It’s so fun seeing what creations Etsy sellers come up with! Today’s featured shop is no exception; check out the mixed metal work of Etsy shop Taotin. Owner Janice Adams has recently reopened her shop, Taotin, and will be adding more & more items in the coming weeks. Handcrafted, Taotin’s items are made from an assortment of materials; sterling silver, copper & more. Here’s a very special top 7 picks from Etsy shop Taotin:

Sterling Silver Turquoise Handmade Dangle Earrings 
Green Kyanite, Reticulated Sterling Silver, Handmade Necklace 
Long Turquoise Bead Copper and Sterling Silver Handmade Stick Earrings 
Boulder Creek Gold Nugget, Raw Gold Nugget, Moose Antler Bead, Consolation Creek nugget, Sterling Silver Handmade Bangle 
Copper Patinaed Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings 
Handmade Copper Picasso Jasper Bead Earrings 
Sterling Silver, Red Enamel Handmade Bracelet 
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

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