CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: TuaregJewelry

The shop:  TuaregJewelry
The owner:  Ineke Hemminga from Groningen, Netherlands
The products:  Vintage Tuareg and Berber jewelry & accessories
Fun facts:  Part of the profits from the shop goes to support Tuareg nomads in South Algeria
Reviews & Sales:  516 sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s my top 7 picks from Etsy shop TuaregJewelry:

Tuareg Silver Amulet with Agath Telhakimt or Tanfouk with Onyx and Silver beads 
Old Tribal Berber pure Silver bracelet 
Beautiful Berber Cross Necklace with Coral and Turquoise Beads 
North African Berber Bracelet, South Algeria 
Moroccan Berber Necklace with Enamel Eggbead, Coins, Faux Amber Resin, Chevron, & Amazonite Beads 
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy vintage)!

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