CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SugarbirdHollow – Miniature Houses & Village Accessories

The shop: SugarbirdHollow
The owner:  Sugarbird Hollow from Thousand Oaks, California
The products:  Handmade miniature houses, decorative trees and other adorable village accessories 🙂 Use coupon code spring16 for 30% off until the end of May 2016. 
Fun facts:  All trees & houses can be done in custom colors – just message the shop owner for more information! 
Reviews & Sales:  290+ sales with a 5 star average review rating
Here’s a very special top 7 favorite items from Etsy shop SugarbirdHollow:

Assorted set of 12 glittered bottle brush trees: four of each size of colorful sisal trees 
Miniature western retro style Putz style glitter house paper teepee 
Miniature village Woodland Scene set: miniature brown deer, 4 green bottle brush trees, and one teal blue glittered pond 
Miniature kitsch glitter house trailer with palm trees and yard flamingos 
Miniature Valentines set of 4 1in tall trees pinks, red, white sisal trees 
Purple Traditional winter putz style glitter house, paper house. 
Miniature Silver Glittered Fox figurine 

Until next time, stay crafty!

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