Chicken Coop Ideas from Country Living Magazine

One of the exciting things happening this year in the life of CraftyGirl is that my husband and I are purchasing our first home. 🙂 I am so excited! It’s on about an acre of land, which is perfect for what we want, and I *might* just already have chickens lined up…(okay, fine, I do). There’s already a chicken coop on the farm that I’ll want to fix up a little bit (paint, etc), but I can’t stop looking up chicken coops online…if you could see my web history, you’d think I’d gone chicken crazy!
When we first saw this brightly painted coop we only had one question—can we move in? With colorful shutters and a picket fence, these lucky chickens live in high style. Get the tutorial at TrevorMade. Photo Credit: One Tree Photography
Isn’t this so cute?
So, when I came across this slideshow from Country Living Magazine, I was in chicken coop heaven. I love them all, but I think #13 is my favorite…
This Cape Cod-inspired structure is prettier than many human dwellings! You can build it yourself using stock building materials and hardware from Home Depot.  Get the plans.
#13 from the Country Living slideshow
It’s decorative, but still classic. I love the doors as well – easy to reach in and get the eggs! Which one is your favorite?
Until next time, stay crafty!

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