Back to School: College Edition

In just a a week, our local schools will start their fall semester. In the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to publish a series on affordable back to school items for kids of all ages. Most of the items I’m including are handmade, but there are some great deals from non-handmade sources that I’ll be including as well.
Today’s blog post is… college supplies! Whether it’s clothes, bedding or office supplies, these options are sure to please. I’ve picked three handcrafted options from Etsy, as well as two great deals from Amazon (affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for more info)
Slouchy Womens Pizza Party Lightweight Sweatshirt / Pullover, back to school shirt, brunch clothes, college kid pizza lover gift for women 
Never Never Never Give Up Notebook, Waterproof Cover, Inspirational Notebook or Journal, Office Supplies, School Supplies, College Ruled 
Until next time, stay crafty!

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