Gardening Finds

When you think of Etsy, you don’t always think of gardening…right? However, you’d be surprised at the number of handmade gardening finds available for sale. Planters, tools, and (my absolute favorite) seeds are just a few options.

I’m in the process of planning my vegetable garden for this year, and while I probably (okay, definitely) have all the seeds and supplies I’ll need, I couldn’t help but browse online for more. Here’s a couple of my favorites…

Reclaimed Wood Planter Box by PiccadillyPrairie on Etsy.

Heirloom Rainbow Carrot Seeds by SmartSeedsEmporium on Etsy.

Hand Forged Garden Tool by Fisher Blacksmithing on Etsy.

I’d also like to link to a couple of DIY projects I found that I think you’ll enjoy….After all, we’re here to get crafty together. 🙂

How to Build an Elevated Wooden Planter Box

How to Build an Arbor for Your Garden

DIY Terrazzo Planter with Oven Bake Clay

Until next time,


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