SmartSeeds: Rare Flower & Vegetable Seeds

 Next year, I’m planning on having a huge garden at our new house – plenty of fruits and vegetables. While browsing online for seeds, I came across SmartSeeds on Etsy – I already have several of their seeds bookmarked to purchase for planting 🙂 I think my favorite are the rainbow heirloom carrots!
The shop:  SmartSeeds
The owner:  Mia from Claremont, CA
The products:  Rare flower seeds, heirloom vegetable seeds and more – from all over the world! 
Fun facts:  SmartSeeds offers 300+ items to choose from; rare seeds, that you wouldn’t find in your ordinary gardening catalog.
Reviews & Sales:  A whopping 57,000+ sales with a 5 star average review rating
Here’s my top 3 favorite picks from Etsy shop SmartSeeds:

Rainbow Carrot Mix - seven fancy heirlooms, 350 seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO, crazy colors 
Aloe polyphylla, spiraling succulent, 5 rare seeds, almost extinct, cool climate aloe, Lesotho native, South Africa, collectors plant 
Sky Flower, Duranta repens, 25 seeds, tall fragrant shrub, blue blooms, golden berries, warm zones 8 to 11, fast grower, container, indoors 

Until next time, stay crafty!

Back to School: Kids’ Clothes

In just a few short weeks, our local schools will start their fall semester. Some kids I’ve talked to are, understandably, displeased that summer is almost over…while two of my favorite munchkins are super excited to go back to school. (I think it might have something to do with the fact that they’re both straight A students, and love learning.)
So, in the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to publish a series on cute & affordable back to school items for kids. Most of the items I’m including are handmade, but there are some great deals from non-handmade sources that I’ll be including as well.
Today’s blog post is… Kids’ Clothes! I’ve picked three handcrafted options from Etsy, as well as two great deals from Amazon (affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for more info).
Back to School Dress Paint Palette Applique, Paint Dress, Toddler Dress or Girl's Dress- Choose Dress Color and Sleeve Length
3rd Grade is Awesome - Back To School / First Day of School Tshirt for Third Grade - Youth Boy / Girl Shirt / Super Soft Kids Tee Triblend
Back to School Dinosaur Shirt- Monogram- First Day of School- Last Day- Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade
Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you!
Until next time, stay crafty 🙂

Chicken Coop Ideas from Country Living Magazine

One of the exciting things happening this year in the life of CraftyGirl is that my husband and I are purchasing our first home. 🙂 I am so excited! It’s on about an acre of land, which is perfect for what we want, and I *might* just already have chickens lined up…(okay, fine, I do). There’s already a chicken coop on the farm that I’ll want to fix up a little bit (paint, etc), but I can’t stop looking up chicken coops online…if you could see my web history, you’d think I’d gone chicken crazy!
When we first saw this brightly painted coop we only had one question—can we move in? With colorful shutters and a picket fence, these lucky chickens live in high style. Get the tutorial at TrevorMade. Photo Credit: One Tree Photography
Isn’t this so cute?
So, when I came across this slideshow from Country Living Magazine, I was in chicken coop heaven. I love them all, but I think #13 is my favorite…
This Cape Cod-inspired structure is prettier than many human dwellings! You can build it yourself using stock building materials and hardware from Home Depot.  Get the plans.
#13 from the Country Living slideshow
It’s decorative, but still classic. I love the doors as well – easy to reach in and get the eggs! Which one is your favorite?
Until next time, stay crafty!

CharmMonkey – Handmade Jewelry & Charms

The shop:  CharmMonkey
The owner:  CharmMonkey from Rapid City, South Dakota
The products:  Handmade polymer clay charms and jewelry in an assortment of cute shapes – donuts, muffins and more! Look for the NEW Back to School line to launch later this summer.
Fun facts:  If you sign up for the Charmers Club (CharmMonkey’s newsletter), you receive a 30% off coupon code! You can sign up by clicking here.
Reviews & Sales: Recently opened, CharmMonkey has 4 sales, with one 5 star review rating 🙂
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop CharmMonkey:
Chocolate Best friend Vanilla donut necklace, donut necklace, Donut charm, Polymer clay charm, clay charm, food charm, novelty jewelry, 
Miniature food charm / food jewelry / lollipop charm / clay lollipop charm / clay charm  / polymer clay food / charm bracelet 
Kawaii donut earrings,  polymer clay earrings, polymer clay, fishook earrings, Donut earrings, happy earrings, gifts for her, mothers day 
Until next time, stay crafty!

NilitArt – Digital papers, stamps, and graphic art

The shop:  NilitArt
The owner:  Nilit Gever from Ramla, Israel

The products:  High quality digital paper, graphics, digital stamps and more – Use coupon code JUNE50P for 50% off (wow!) your order!
Fun facts:  New items are added every week! Currently, NilitArt has 170+ items in stock.

Reviews & Sales:  14 sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s a very special 7 favorite items from Etsy shop NilitArt:

50% OFF SALE Butterflies Digital Paper pack, scrapbook Digital Paper, Butterflies background DP008 
50% OFF SALE Giraffe Digital Paper Pack, Digital Paper, Scrapbook, giraffe Background DP007 
50% OFF SALE Flower Digital Paper, Flower Digi Art, Flower Download, Flower Paper, Flower Theme Download, Kids Digi Paper, Kids Digital Art 
50% OFF SALE Wedding Clipart, Love clipart, PNG Clipart, Scrapbook clipart, Scrapbook design, Bride and groom clipart, Anniversary Clipart, 
50% OFF SALE Make Up Clipart, Make Up Tools, PNG Clipart, Scrapbook Clipart Cl 009 
50% OFF SALE Bath Girl Stamp, Fairy Digital Stamp, Coloring Stamp, Digital Art, Cartoon Digi Stamp, Printable Art IMG 097 
50% OFF SALE Umbrella Fairy Stamp, Fairy Digital Stamp, Coloring Stamp, Digital Art, Cartoon Digi Stamp, Printable Art IMG 085 
Until next time, stay crafty!

TeeDino – Printed T-Shirts

The shop:  TeeDino
The owner:  TeeDino
The products:  Over 1,200 screen printed t-shirts for you to choose from! Use coupon code SG65FD67 for 10% off your order.
Fun facts:  With all of the options in stock, there’s a t-shirt perfect for every member of your family.
Reviews & Sales:  800+ sales with a 4.5 star average review rating 🙂
Here’s a very special 7 favorite items from Etsy shop TeeDino:

Crochet t-shirt. Crochet t shirt for him or her. Crochet top as a Crochet gift idea. A great Crochet gift with this Crochet t shirt 
Grandma t-shirt for her. Grandmother tshirt gift. Grandma tee present. Grandmother gift idea. Great Grandma gift with Grandmother t shirt 
Woodworking t-shirt. Woodworker tshirt for him or her. Woodworking tee as a Woodworker gift idea. A great Woodworking gift t-shirt 
Dogs t-shirt on a special price. Dogs tshirt for birthday. Dogs tee present. Dogs idea gift. Buy a great Dogs gift purchase Dogs t shirt 

Aunt t-shirt. Aunt tshirt for him or her. Aunt tee as a Aunt gift idea. A great Aunt gift with this Aunt t shirt. Lovely aunt tee 
Grandma t-shirt. Grandma tshirt for him or her. Grandmother tee as a Grandma gift idea. A great Grandmother gift with this Grandma t shirt 
Crochet t-shirt for someone special. Crochet tshirt for her or him. Crochet tee as present. Crochet gift idea. Buy a wonderful Crochet gift 

Until next time, stay crafty!

AmariesShop – Genuine Gemstone Bracelets

The shop:  AmariesShop
The owner:  Alicia Marie from North Fork, California
The products: Colorful, genuine gemstone bracelets – check out Alicia’s available coupon codes:
Fun facts:  Supporting small businesses is important – Alicia purchases most of her semi-precious beads from other Etsy sellers!  
Reviews & Sales:  1800+ sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s a very special 7 favorite items from Etsy shop AmariesShop:
8mm Howlite Turquoise Bracelet Set, Bead Bracelet Set, Gemstone Bracelet Set, Womens Mens Bracelet Set,  Stretch Yoga Bracelet Set, Gift 
10mm White Agate Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet, Beaded Bracelet, Sterling Silver Stretch Bracelet, Mens Womens Stone Jewelry, Gifts 
8mm Purple Banded Agate Bracelet White Jade Bracelet Mens Bracelet Bead Bracelet Gemstone Bracelet Womens Yoga Bracelet Jade Jewelry Gifts 
10mm Chrysoprase Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet, Green Beaded Bracelet, Womens Mens Bracelet, Sterling Silver Bracelet, Luxury Gifts 
8mm Red Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet Mens Bracelet Stacking Beaded Bracelet Gemstone Bracelet Mens Womens Yoga Bracelet Healing Jewelry Gifts 
ON SALE 12mm Green Aventurine Bracelet Gemstone Bracelet Womens Mens Bracelet Bead Bracelet Silver Heart Bracelet Rare Stone Jewelry Gifts 
8mm Lava Rock Bracelet, Black Bead Bracelet, Volcanic Bracelet, Mens Bracelet, Womens Bracelet, Stacking Bracelet, Yoga Bracelet, Gifts 
Until next time, stay crafty!

CutiedokiCrafts – Washi Tape & Crafting Supplies

The shop:  CutiedokiCrafts
The owner:  Maricar Malati Molisak from Gainesville, Florida
The products:  Colorful washi tape, perfect for organizing your planner or crafting with! Use coupon code MOMMY15 for 15% off your order of $10 or more
Fun facts:  Each of CutiedokiCraft’s washi tape samples are made from traditional Japanese washi paper!
Reviews & Sales:  61 sales, with a 5 star average review rating 🙂
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop CutiedokiCrafts:

Japanese Paper Washi Sample 
Ancient Night Scenery Washi 
Japanese Paper Washi Sample 

Until next time, stay crafty!

BeTheOriginal – Handmade Home Decor

The shop:  BeTheOriginal
The owner:  Dina from Russia
The products:  Fun, modern home decor & colorful pillows for kids – use coupon code JUSTFORYOU for 20% off your order! 
Fun facts:  Dina has always loved to craft, and the birth of her nephews inspired her to create children’s decor & accessories.
Reviews & Sales: 111 sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop BeTheOriginal:
Pillows for kids, pillows for boys, designer decorative pillows, kids decorative pillows, designer pillows for boys, softies. 
Big owl pillow, stuffed owl, pillow owl 
Stuffed whale, soft red whale, whale toy, whale decor 
Until next time, stay crafty!

LovelyWreathDecor: Handmade Wreaths & Wreath Supplies

The shop:  LovelyWreathDecor
The owner: Renate J from Atlanta, Georgia
The products:  Handcrafted wreaths, as well as supplies for making your own wreaths.
Fun facts:  Renate ships orders in 1-2 business days, and uses USPS for shipping
Reviews & Sales: 113 sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop LovelyWreathDecor:

Home Decor Spring wreath , Summer Yellow wreath,  Home Decor  , Wreath & door Hanger berry wreath , berry wreath ,Forysthia wreath 
3 Cotton branches ,Cotton boll stalks ,Faux Cotton bolls , Cotton boll stem, Country Rustic bolls stems , Cotton sprays 
Spring Boxwood Wreath , Preserved Wreath , Mirror wreath ,Table Wreath , Mirror Wreath ,Round Boxwood , Spring Wreath ,Summer Wreath 

Until next time, stay crafty!

DaniOnPurpose – Inspirational Christian T-Shirts

The shop:  DaniOnPurpose
The owner:  Dani Washington from Pflugerville, Texas
The products:  Handcrafted t-shirts with inspirational messages & designs!
Fun facts:  Dani wanted me to share a special verse with you today – one that actually happens to be one of my favorite verses. “But I have spared you for a purpose—to show you my power and to spread my fame throughout the earth.” Exodus‬ ‭9:16‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Reviews & Sales: Opened in 2016, DaniOnPurpose has 8 sales, but no reviews yet.
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop DaniOnPurpose:

Christian Proverbs 31 Woman T-Shirt 
Christian Rhinestone (Bling) T-Shirt Walk In Your Purpose 
Until next time, stay crafty!

WilsonGraphics – Vinyl Wall Decals

The shop:  WilsonGraphics
The owner:  Paul David Wilson from Ocala, Florida
The products:  Vinyl wall decals to decorate your home with – over 2600 items available! Use coupon code SECRETSALE35 for 35% off your order.
Fun facts:  WilsonGraphics is the largest vinyl decal seller on Etsy, opening their shop in 2006.
Reviews & Sales:  Over 42,000 (!!!) sales on Etsy, with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop WilsonGraphics:

The Three Rules of Mining Wall Decal Set 

CUSTOM PHOTOTEX - Planets of Our Solar System Vinyl Wall Decal Set 
Chore Chart Chalkboard Wall Decal - Design One - 28 

Until next time, stay crafty!

FunkyFleurDesigns: Czech Glass Earrings

The shop:  FunkyFleurDesigns
The owner:  Tracy Farley from Saint Paul, Minnesota 
The products:  Colorful, handcrafted Czech glass earrings – use coupon code FREESHIP for free domestic shipping on your purchase of $20 or more.
Fun facts:  Tracy makes sure to purchase authentic Czech beads for her creations, buying them directing from sellers in Slovakia & Prague. (And her earring findings are purchased from fellow Etsy sellers!)
Reviews & Sales:  31 sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop FunkyFleurDesigns:

Czech glass earrings, boho style earrings, patina spacer, caramel and pumpkin beads, rustic earrings, earthy beads 
boho earrings, czech glass earrings, hawaiian earrings, blue and red earrings, flower earrings, pansy earrings, small flowers, casual 
SALE Boho Earrings, Czech glass, pansy earrings, copper hoops, flower earrings, bohemian earrings, hoop earrings, golden pansy beads 

Until next time, stay crafty!

PineTreeArt: Original Watercolor Paintings & Prints

The shop:  PineTreeArt
The owner:  Jim Lagasse from Bangor, Maine

The products:  Beautiful original watercolor paintings & prints – use coupon code THANKYOU for 25% off your purchase! 
Fun facts:  Jim’s favorite thing to paint are birch trees – there are several gorgeous birch tree paintings in his shop. You can find them here.

Reviews & Sales: 760+ sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop PineTreeArt:

Original Watercolor painting,landscape print, RED barn, Watercolor painting, painting,watercolor, Jim Lagasse,LANDSCAPE WATERCOLOR, original 
BIRCH TREE Painting- Original Acrylic Landscape Painting, Birch Tree Art, 10 
FORT KENT, Maine - Original watercolor Painting, Landscape Painting, Limited PRINTS, Jim Lagasse, original watercolor, Maine Landscape 
Until next time, stay crafty!

702IslandDecals – Pacific Island Style Vinyl Decals

The shop:  702IslandDecals
The owner:  Dan Merrill from Las Vegas, Nevada

The products:  Pacific island themed vinyl decals, with over 200 items to choose from! Use coupon code 702ID2OFF10 for $2 off any $10 or more purchase.
Fun facts:  702IslandDecals definitely has authenticity; though they live in Nevada, Dan & his wife both hail from the Pacific Islands! Dan is from Hawaii, and his wife is from Guam. 
Reviews & Sales:  569 sales, with a 5 star average review rating 🙂 
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop 702IslandDecals:
Island Girl w/Hibiscus vinyl decal - Available in ALL colors/sizes!

Live Aloha vinyl decal - Available in ALL colors/sizes! 
Until next time, stay crafty!

TheGoodieBagBoutique – Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

The owners: Yolanda & Jerrell
The products:  Great gifts for everyone – personalized wine glasses, gift sets and more! Use coupon code CRAFTY for 15% off
Fun facts: TheGoodieBagBoutique is using an Etsy pattern site as their storefront; offering a clean, crisp layout, perfect for browsing their items.

Father’s Day is coming up! Here’s my top 3 favorite Father’s Day gifts from Etsy shop TheGoodieBagBoutique:

gallery photo 

gallery photo 

Until next time, stay crafty!

ElliesDigitals – Printable Planners

The shop:  ElliesDigitals
The owner:  ElliesDigitals
The products: Instant download, printable monthly, weekly & daily planners – perfect for keeping your schedule on track! Buy 2, get 1 free with coupon code 1FREE
Fun facts:  All of Ellie’s planners are undated – meaning that you can put in your own date – so you’re always staying current
Reviews & Sales: Recently opened, ElliesDigitals hasn’t made a sale yet…but with such a great coupon code, who could resist her colorful planners? 🙂
Here’s my 3 favorite items from Etsy shop ElliesDigitals:

Undated Half Size Weekly Planner - Ocean Life - Printable Planner 
Undated Half Size Daily Planner - Tropical Paradise - Printable Planner 

Undated Half Size Weekly Planner - Sunflowers - Vertical Style - Printable Planner 
Until next time, stay crafty!

IKnowAGirlBoutique – Handmade Designer Clothing Made in the USA

The owner:  Annette Bertin from Lawrenceville, Georgia
The products: Custom-made designer clothing & accessories – bright colors, flowing fabrics and a fun-loving spirit. Use coupon code IKAG15 for 15% off your purchases of $25.00 or more from now until June 30th.
Fun facts:  Annette’s pieces aren’t designed to be mass-produced; in fact, many of her items currently for sale are one-of-a-kind.
Reviews & Sales: Recently opened, Annette’s shop only has one sale, but I imagine more will come soon 🙂
Here’s a very special top 7 favorite items from Etsy shop IKNOWAGIRLBOUTIQUE:
Cool summer cotton crop jacket and shorts with gold braided trim and african print fabric on front and sleeves Size M 
Custom designed wide leg pants and open front tube handkerchief style cut top size L reg. 
custom designed boutique turquoise halter bare back long sleeve open front top right leg high slit dress size M 
 Custom designed boutique yellow full flare halter maxi  asymmetrical hem dress with slit on right leg Size S 
custom boutique maxi one shoulder bare back red carpet cocktail special occasion plum  asymmetrical hem dress Size M 
custom designed asymmetrical hem wide leg jumpsuit with  gathered side pockets  fkare cut loose top with sheer back Size M 
hand made one of a kind ladies crop front long flared back classy chiffon top with leather shoulder piece Size M 
Until next time, stay crafty!

CosmiziAvocado – Avocado Seed Art Jewelry

The shop:  CosmiziAvocado
The owner:  Dimitrios Nikolaidis from Athens, Greece
The products: All natural, vegan jewelry art pieces, expertly hand-carved from avocado seeds. Prior to placing your order, send Dimitrios a message about this blog post, and you’ll receive free shipping! 🙂 Customers also receive a 10% off coupon code after their first purchase, to use on a future purchase.
Fun facts:  Dimitrios loves working with natural substances; he combines the avocado seeds with other organic materials (precious stones, Swarovski crystals and more) to create one-of-a-kind pieces you just won’t find anywhere else. 

Reviews & Sales:  Recently opened, CosmiziAvocado has 8 sales and a 5 star average review rating!
Here’s my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop CosmiziAvocado:

Hot Air Balloon Pendant, Avocado Seed, Original carved design, Silver 925, Natural art piece, Mother's day, Recycled, Ecological, Woodland 
Red-eyed Crescent Moons Earrings, Avocado Seed, Swarovski eyes, Sterling silver chain and hooks, Summer, Boho chic, Woodland, Ecological 
Wise Owl Bolo Tie, Avocado Seed, Swarovski eyes, Handcarved, Knowledge symbol, Boho chic, Summer style, Ecological, Vegan friendly 

Until next time, stay crafty!

StarShineVintage – Vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

The shop:  StarShineVintage
The owner:  Krista Morrison from Seattle, Washington
The products:  A great assortment of vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories and decor – with items dating from the 1800’s all the way to the 1990’s. Use coupon code 15OFF for 15% off your order. 🙂 
Fun facts:  Krista has always had a passion for design; Drawn to vintage and antique items, she loves coming across pieces that are timeless & designed to last.

Reviews & Sales:  1200+ sales with a 5 star average review rating!
Here’s a very special 7 favorite items from Etsy shop StarShineVintage:

White Mini Butterfly Lace Dress 
Giant Puka Shell Hawaiian Surfer Necklace & Earrings 
Mother of Pearl Chinese Carved Ship 
1960's Mod Round Oversized Italian Sunglasses, Jackie O 
Victorian Chemise Lace Blouse 1800's 
Until next time, stay crafty!

NamedKeychains – Personalized Metal Key Chains

The shop:  NamedKeychains
The owner:  Rowena Tulio from Kuwait
The product:  Handcrafted, personalized metal key chains available, with several styles to choose from. 
Fun facts:  Each key chain is made from 0.1 inch stainless steel; sanded & polished to a mirror finish 🙂  You can also find more products at
Reviews & Sales:  Recently opened, NamedKeychains has no sales on their Etsy shop yet, but I imagine that will change soon.
Here’s my 3 favorite picks from Etsy shop NamedKeychains:

Personalized Inside Box Hollow Cut Single Named  Metal Key chain 
Personalized Inside Box Hollow Cut Single Named  Metal Key chain 
Personalized Couple Two Metal Key chain Set 
Until next time, stay crafty!

MinaKindo – African Handmade Jewelry

The shop: MinaKindo
The owner:  Aminata Amadou Kindo from Carlisle, Pennsylvania
The shops: Colorful handmade African jewelry – necklaces, bracelets and earrings 🙂 

Fun facts:  Aminata always begins her jewelry projects by sketching a design, before jumping into creating & assembly. You can find more information on her jewelry, including tutorials, on
Reviews & Sales: Opened this year, MinaKindo has 7 sales and a 5 star average review rating!
Here’s a very special 7 favorite items from Etsy shop MinaKindo:

Beaded bracelet Blue Navy, handmade bracelet, bracelet Crystal beads, simple bracelet, mother's day, modern bracelet 
African earrings green and orange, African jewelry, Beads jewelry, Beads necklace, Niger, handmade jewelry, ethnic jewelry, tribal jewelry 
African earrings elegance pink, African jewelry, beaded earrings, simple earrings, handmade jewelry, modern earrings, tribal jewelry 
African necklace, African jewelry,red and turquoise, Beaded African necklace, Niger, handmade jewelry, ethnic necklace, tribal jewelry 
African earrings elegance blue, African jewelry, beaded earrings, simple earrings, Niger, handmade jewelry, modern earrings, tribal jewelry 
Geometric earrings illusion, African jewelry red blue, geometric earrings, Niger, handmade jewelry, ethnic jewelry, modern earrings 
Yellow beaded bracelet, handmade bracelet, bracelet Crystal beads, faceted beads Rhinestones, baptism, birthday, mother's day, modern 

Until next time, stay crafty!

SweetBabyJamesShop – Newborn Photo Props & Accessories

The shop:  SweetBabyJamesShop
The owner:  Barbara Gaddis from Marietta, Georgia
The products: Colorful, adorable and whimsical newborn photo props – including wraps, faux fur, headbands and more! Use coupon code FIRSTTIMEPURCHASE for 10% off your first purchase.
Fun facts:  Barbara is a photographer, who also has a passion for crocheting & knitting. A lot of the photo props featured in her shop also make great baby shower gifts!
Reviews & Sales:  6600 sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂
Here’s a very special 7 favorite items from Etsy shop SweetBabyJamesShop:

Lavender Flower Baby Headband, Newborn Photo Prop, Baby Photo Prop, Baby Shower GIft, Ready to Ship. 
SUPER SALE, Newborn Baby Superhero Superman Cape, Photo Prop, Baby Shower Gift. 
Latte / Cream Faux Fur Prop, Ready to Ship, Newborn Baby Photo Prop,  Layering Blanket, Neutral Photo Prop. 
New COLOR......Baby Pixie Hat and Pants, Suspenders, Elf Hat, ,Newborn Photo Prop, Baby Outfit, Baby Photo Prop. Baby Boy Outfit, 
LAST CHANCE.....Curly Mint Green Sheep Faux Fur, Newborn Baby Photo Prop, Flokati Look, Faux Sheep Fur,  Luxury Photo Prop, 
Baby Newsboy Outfit,  READY TO SHIP, 0 - 3 months, Newsboy Hat, Diaper Cover, Suspenders, Bow tie, Newborn Photo Prop, Baby Boy Prop. 
CHOOSE your Color, Stretch Knit Wrap and (or) Headband Set, Wrap 14 
Until next time, stay crafty!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: CYDesignStudio – Handmade personalized jewelry

The shop:  CYDesignStudio
The owner:  Candice from Cary, North Carolina
The products:  Gorgeous, personalized handmade jewelry – use coupon code Friday13 for 13% off until May 20th, 2016!
Fun facts:  Candice has an impressive 1500+ items in stock – plenty for you to choose from. Jewelry from CYDesignStudio has been seen on Jane The Virgin & The Vampire Diaries, and has been featured in the 2016 Golden Globes swag bags!
Reviews & Sales:  11,000+ sales with a 5 star average review rating 🙂
Here’s my top 3 favorite picks from Etsy shop CYDesignStudio:

Vampire Diaries Necklace - Garnet Gemstone Wire Wrapped Briolette Teardrop Necklace - January Birthstone - Garnet Necklace 
Druzy Earrings - Sparkling Faux Druzy Stud Earrings - Glitter Earrings, Druzy Stud Earrings, Boho Chic, Gift for Her 
Personalized Angel Wing Necklace - Memorial Necklace - Miscarriage Necklace - Loss Necklace - 14k Gold Filled - Memorial Gift for Her 
Until next time, stay crafty!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SugarbirdHollow – Miniature Houses & Village Accessories

The shop: SugarbirdHollow
The owner:  Sugarbird Hollow from Thousand Oaks, California
The products:  Handmade miniature houses, decorative trees and other adorable village accessories 🙂 Use coupon code spring16 for 30% off until the end of May 2016. 
Fun facts:  All trees & houses can be done in custom colors – just message the shop owner for more information! 
Reviews & Sales:  290+ sales with a 5 star average review rating
Here’s a very special top 7 favorite items from Etsy shop SugarbirdHollow:

Assorted set of 12 glittered bottle brush trees: four of each size of colorful sisal trees 
Miniature western retro style Putz style glitter house paper teepee 
Miniature village Woodland Scene set: miniature brown deer, 4 green bottle brush trees, and one teal blue glittered pond 
Miniature kitsch glitter house trailer with palm trees and yard flamingos 
Miniature Valentines set of 4 1in tall trees pinks, red, white sisal trees 
Purple Traditional winter putz style glitter house, paper house. 
Miniature Silver Glittered Fox figurine 

Until next time, stay crafty!