There’s a new Etsy shop in town…

In the past, I’ve had two Etsy shops: CraftyGirlMerch, and CraftyGirlCreates. Right now, CraftyGirlMerch is currently closed, but I recently reopened CraftyGirlCreates…as well as a new shop, CGCRetailTherapy. CGCRetailTherapy is dedicated to something that is very close to my heart – mental wellness. For over half of my life, I have struggled with anxiety and depression – crippling panic attacks, constant worry, fear of never … Continue reading There’s a new Etsy shop in town…

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: OCBookShoppe

Books have always been one of my passions, and most days that I’m able to set aside time, you’ll find me curled up with a book. While I love eReaders, I don’t think anything can beat an actual, tangible book…especially vintage books, with their history and character.    Today’s featured shop celebrates the vintage written word with an impressive inventory of over 700 items, which … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: OCBookShoppe

Recipe Roundup: Dessert Edition

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty major sweet tooth. This leads to hours browsing on Pinterest, coming across delectable recipes and drooling over them. Today, I thought I’d share some dessert recipes I cam across recently that look…wait for it…AMAZING!    Cookies & Cups: Banana Blondies    Heather Christo – Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars Chocolate With Grace – Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza … Continue reading Recipe Roundup: Dessert Edition

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KingsBenchCreations

Featuring fun, whimsical folk art from upcycled materials and reclaimed wood, KingsBenchCreations creates wonderfully playful and artistic ornaments, leash holders and more! Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, owner Jeanne Stern breathes new life into objects that most people would throw away, creating an eco-friendly shop filled with fun treasures. Here are a few of Jeanne’s items that caught my eye: Dog Leash Holder, Reclaimed Wood Chihuaha … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KingsBenchCreations

Apple Spiced Mini-Muffins (Adapted from

Fall is coming…It may still be 80 degrees here in Southwestern Virginia, but fall is coming. And I am PUMPED! (Is it obvious that it’s my favorite season?) It’s a rainy day here, so I decided today was the perfect day for something with apple..and lots of spice.  While browsing for recipe inspiration online, I came across One Hungry Mama’s recipe for Baked Apple Donuts. … Continue reading Apple Spiced Mini-Muffins (Adapted from

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LordOfTheBeads

LordOfTheBeads features gorgeous, one of a kind authentic, ancient bead jewelry. Owned by owner Raed Aidi, LordOfTheBeads provides antique beads with detail and history that you can’t find anywhere else. Rich with history and detail, any of LordOfTheBeads’ pieces would be the perfect addition to your outfit. Here’s a couple of Raed’s listings that I found absolutely amazing: Rare Genuine Antique Egyptian Agate Beads Necklace … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LordOfTheBeads

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: MonogramNecklaceVIP

  Today’s featured shop has amazing photos, a wide array of options and free shipping worldwide! Meet Olivia Smith, owner of MonogramNecklaceVIP. Based in Israel, Olivia has a passion for making personalized jewelry. Her items are perfect for any occasion, and are timeless; they’ll never go out of style! Olivia also features double gold plating layers on all of her gold items! Here are some … Continue reading CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: MonogramNecklaceVIP

The First Tomato and Vintage Recipes

So, earlier this summer, my wonderful neighbor offered me 3 tomato plants-Apparently, she had planted all of her seeds, thinking that some of them wouldn’t sprout, and ended up with 98 tomato plants! I gladly took the plants, with the warning that I’m not exactly known for my green thumb. I’m better with vegetables than I am with flowers (I’m still not sure how my … Continue reading The First Tomato and Vintage Recipes

MelodyAndWords : Custom Book Jewelry

I get incredibly excited when friends of mine sign up for Etsy! Melody, a friend of mine from our young school days, has recently set up her shop, MelodyAndWords, on Etsy, and she’s already had two sales! She is incredibly creative, and I love her product ideas. I thought I’d share a few of her items with you! 🙂  Custom Handmade Book Necklace, $15.00 Speak … Continue reading MelodyAndWords : Custom Book Jewelry

FREE Baking Basics Class from Wilton!

If you head over to Craftsy right now, you can sign up for a FREE baking basics class! The class description says.. ” Make cakes with no crumbs, no crowning and no cracking, so you have a flawless decorating surface – every time! Join pastry chef Beth Somers as she demystifies bakeware, pan preparation and measuring techniques. You’ll learn the proper way to combine your … Continue reading FREE Baking Basics Class from Wilton!

Maine Blueberry Cake Recipe

So, I am a huge fan of berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries… I’ll take them all! Sometimes, though, if you’re absent minded like me, you buy too many blueberries and you don’t have enough time to eat them before they go bad…oops. This is where one of my favorite recipes comes in! My maternal grandfather grew up in Maine, and my mother spent a lot of … Continue reading Maine Blueberry Cake Recipe