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CraftyGirlMerch on Etsy is back!

When I first started this blog, I was an Etsy shop owner looking for ways to promote my items. As the blog grew, I decided to take some time off from my shop… After a few years off, I’m excited to say that I’m back! With a new focus and new products, CraftyGirlMerch is back on Etsy. 🙂   Printable Wall Art – Bless This Home – Home Decor – Instant Download $4.00   One of my newest passions has been creating printable wall art downloads, as my husband and… Read more CraftyGirlMerch on Etsy is back!

It’s fall!

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp air, and the colorful, crunchy leaves. (And there’s always something to be said for things that are pumpkin flavored.) Fall is also the perfect time to stay cozy and warm. I’ve added a few new ear warmers at CraftyGirl Merchandise…… Crochet Women’s Ear Warmer – White with Red Rose – Winter Accessories, $15.00 Cherry Red Crochet Ear Warmer – Extra Wide – Women’s Winter Accessories, $15.00 ..and I’ll be adding more colors soon! Until next… Read more It’s fall!

Recipe Roundup: Dessert Edition

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty major sweet tooth. This leads to hours browsing on Pinterest, coming across delectable recipes and drooling over them. Today, I thought I’d share some dessert recipes I cam across recently that look…wait for it…AMAZING!    Cookies & Cups: Banana Blondies    Heather Christo – Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars Chocolate With Grace – Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza Ziplist – Carrot Cake Cheesecake   Cooking Classy – S’mores Pie  Until next time…stay crafty (and eat dessert)! -Katie Want to see what I have… Read more Recipe Roundup: Dessert Edition

The First Tomato and Vintage Recipes

So, earlier this summer, my wonderful neighbor offered me 3 tomato plants-Apparently, she had planted all of her seeds, thinking that some of them wouldn’t sprout, and ended up with 98 tomato plants! I gladly took the plants, with the warning that I’m not exactly known for my green thumb. I’m better with vegetables than I am with flowers (I’m still not sure how my marigolds are alive), but I was cautiously optimistic. Through many waterings, some Miracle Gro, and a lot of coddling, I finally have…my first tomato! There… Read more The First Tomato and Vintage Recipes

MelodyAndWords : Custom Book Jewelry

I get incredibly excited when friends of mine sign up for Etsy! Melody, a friend of mine from our young school days, has recently set up her shop, MelodyAndWords, on Etsy, and she’s already had two sales! She is incredibly creative, and I love her product ideas. I thought I’d share a few of her items with you! 🙂  Custom Handmade Book Necklace, $15.00 Speak to Me Handmade Book, $25.00 Custom Handmade Book Earrings, $20.00 Make sure to check out MelodyAndWords today! 🙂  Until next time…stay crafty! -Katie Follow me… Read more MelodyAndWords : Custom Book Jewelry

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JoyBelleJewelry

Featuring hand-stamped jewelry and accessories, JoyBelleJewelry’s owner Joy showcases her talent in an array of gorgeous and gift-worthy items. Joy is a stay-at-home mom, who has her hands full with her children and running JoyBelleJewelry! Here are just a few of her items that caught my eye: Handstamped Faith Necklace – Walk by Faith Not by Sight, $12.00+ Hand Stamped Rectangle and Disc Necklace, Proverbs 31, $20.00+ Handstamped Sisters Keychain – Hand Cast Pewter, $23.40 Make sure to check out JoyBelleJewelry! Until next time…stay crafty! -Katie Follow me on Facebook… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JoyBelleJewelry

FREE Baking Basics Class from Wilton!

If you head over to Craftsy right now, you can sign up for a FREE baking basics class! The class description says.. ” Make cakes with no crumbs, no crowning and no cracking, so you have a flawless decorating surface – every time! Join pastry chef Beth Somers as she demystifies bakeware, pan preparation and measuring techniques. You’ll learn the proper way to combine your ingredients and avoid over-mixing, so you always end up with a tender cake. Then, you’ll see how to level the top of your cake and… Read more FREE Baking Basics Class from Wilton!

Maine Blueberry Cake Recipe

So, I am a huge fan of berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries… I’ll take them all! Sometimes, though, if you’re absent minded like me, you buy too many blueberries and you don’t have enough time to eat them before they go bad…oops. This is where one of my favorite recipes comes in! My maternal grandfather grew up in Maine, and my mother spent a lot of time there during the summers, on family vacations. I’ve only been to Maine once, and I was too young to remember it, but whenever I… Read more Maine Blueberry Cake Recipe

New Items Coming Soon….

Just a quick note… This weekend, or early next week, I’ll be adding new items! I have some wonderful handmade crochet washcloths to list, and I also have several skeins of discontinued Red Heart yarn to list! Here’s a quick list of what I’ve got… 1 Red Heart Hokey Pokey yarn in Spearmint3 Red Heart Bright & Lofty yarn in Snowcone6 Red Heart Light & Lofty yarn in Creamsickle3 Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn in Pink Lemonade3 Red Heart Light & Lofty yarn in Country Club3 Red Heart Light and… Read more New Items Coming Soon….

Up For Auction…

I’ve currently got a wonderful, color block scarf up for auction at eBay! Handmade Color Block Lime Green and Purple Scarf The starting bid is only $0.99! Buy it now for $12.99. Lovingly handcrafted, this super colorful scarf features blocks of lime green and bright purple, with purple edging. It measures 5 inches wide and 60 inches (5 feet) long. It’s made with soft Red Heart acrylic yarn, and comes from a pet-free and smoke-free home. Check it out! Until next time..stay crafty!-KatieOwner, CraftyGirl MerchandiseRepresentative, Jewelry In Candles

First Fruits

So, when I’m not being a super awesome business owner, direct sales representative and housewife, I’m also *gasp* a gardener! Now, don’t be fooled…typically, my luck with plants is not that good. But I was tickled pink this afternoon when I went to water my tomato plants and found this: That, my dears, is a tiny baby tomato on one of the wonderful tomato plants my neighbor gave me. (She ended up with several dozen from the seeds she had sown. Maybe that’s why I’m doing so well with them..… Read more First Fruits

Erica Waddell : Clothing for Men & Women

A true visionary when it comes to colors and patterns, Erica Waddell’s affordable and stylish line of clothes for men and women evokes a sense of fun, timelessness and an international sense of style. Based in Torrance, CA, Erica’s designs are uncomplicated and beautiful, with unparalleled quality. From silk ties to Japanese inspired dresses, Erica’s designs are sure to impress. Featuring 2/3 length gathered sleeves and above the knee rolled hemline, this soft and stylish Midnight Garden Japanese Floral Print Cutout Cotton Dress ($38) is perfect for a romantic stroll… Read more Erica Waddell : Clothing for Men & Women

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Frozen Water Designs

Having had the pleasure of purchasing from Frozen Water Designs personally, I can vouch that Elly’s products are amazing. Featuring soaps of all different shapes, sizes and scents, Frozen Water Designs is sure to have a product you’ll love. Normally, I feature 3 random products from a shop during my blog posts, but I’m going to go with 3 very specific items this time: the items I bought! Here’s a peek at what I got.. The Best Soap in the Verse – Serenity – Firefly, $7I ordered this one in… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Frozen Water Designs

50% off SALE!

So, I know this sounds crazy..but ya’ll are going to love this! To move out my current shop stock before I take the shop in a new direction, I’m having a 50% OFF SALE at CraftyGirl Merchandise! Everything is 50% off! That means items as low as $0.50 plus low-cost shipping! That means you can get items like these…. Crocheted Baby Pumpkin Hat, $3.75 Crocheted Striped Newborn Hat, $6.00 Crocheted Red and White Heart Bookmarks, Set of 3, $0.50 For as low as $0.50! Act fast, because you never know… Read more 50% off SALE!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LavaGifts

While creating a team treasury (that you can find here.) the other day on Etsy, I came across LavaGifts, a wonderful Etsy shop that creates custom, handmade wedding cake toppers and baby shower cake toppers. They are SO adorable! If I had known about LavaGifts when Alex and I were getting married, I would’ve loved to have purchased a topper from them (There’s still always the baby shower toppers though!). Owner Shauna embraces a wonderful mix of colors shapes, with her most popular design being the Lovebirds. Here are a… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: LavaGifts

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: FMMMaterialGirl

Owner Joanna of Etsy shop FMMMaterialGirl loves creating quirky and beautiful items for her shop, including aprons, bibs, badge reels and more. Open since January 2012, FMMMaterialGirl also offers destash items and pet bandanas. Here are a few of her items that caught my eye: Hot Stuff Flames Bandana, $1.89+ Retro Vintage Graphic Print Style Full Bib Apron, $37.85 Reversible Cup Cosy Sleeve in Upcycled Denim – Environmental Green Girl, $8.52 Until next time, stay crafty!-KatieOwner, CraftyGirl Merchandise

Scrap Yarn Crochet : Free Floral Bookmark Pattern

In my browsing today, I came across this super cute Free Crochet Floral Bookmark Pattern, from the blog Scrap Yarn Crochet. Blogger Cherie Durbin, from North Carolina, shares with us a pattern for one of her projects with scrap yarn, the crochet floral bookmark. Here’s a picture of her completed work: Be sure to check out the pattern here. Stay crafty! 🙂 Katie

CraftyGirl’s Featured Project: Carrot Carryall Drawstring Pouch

I stumbled across this adorable pattern a few days ago, and I thought I’d share!  The  Free Carrot Carryall Crochet Pouch pattern is adorable, and I’ve already made one and just love it! Here’s the pattern owner’s picture of the finished product: Isn’t it so cute?! I think it would be perfect for little Easter or spring gifts, or even just for a little girl (or little girl at heart) to carry her stuff in 🙂 I’ll post a picture of my finished product in a little bit! Until then,… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Project: Carrot Carryall Drawstring Pouch

Happy Birthday Eve to Me!

  So, tomorrow is my 26th birthday. Woohoo! 🙂 My ultimate birthday wish would be to sell out the contents of my shop..yes, you heard me. All of it! So, in hopes of doing that AND in honor of my birthday, I wanted to offer ya’ll a special deal. Use coupon code BIRTHDAYSALE14 at CraftyGirl Merchandise for 26% off your order of $2 or more! WOW! That means you can get great crocheted items, digital downloads, and more for 26% off the sticker price! You can even use the coupon… Read more Happy Birthday Eve to Me!

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole should be classified as a drug.

I’m only slightly kidding here, folks. I am a BIG fan of chicken and broccoli casserole, and the lack of leftovers prove my point. What’s chicken and broccoli casserole, you may ask? Well, bear with me…when I first heard what was in it, I didn’t think it could possibly be good. But boy, how wrong I was. Chicken and broccoli casserole must be a southern thing, because I never heard of it before I moved down here. It’s cooked, cubed chicken, mixed with sour cream, cream of chicken soup and… Read more Chicken and Broccoli Casserole should be classified as a drug.

Pizza pictures!..err..whoops.

So, I was so excited about making homemade pizza that I forgot to take pictures of it before I ate it. Uh oh. Today’s day consisted of listing mixed yarn lots on eBay…you can find one of them here. Also, I made the aforementioned pizza (which was delicious, btw), cleaned some more (yuck), did a LOT of laundry (eh) and finally got around to watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire…and now I’m impatiently waiting for the next one to be released. 🙂 Today was also the first day of what… Read more Pizza pictures!..err..whoops.

Spring Cleaning..aka, I’d Rather Be Crocheting!

It’s that inevitable time of year again here in the Wilson household…spring…cleaning! Aaaaah! Today’s main focus was our master bedroom. With a little help from the hubby (aka, Mr. Muscles), I stripped the sheets and blankets off our bed, and we rotated the mattress. Whew..who knew those things were so heavy? In the washer went the sheets and blankets, and I began the long, trudging process of putting away laundry. If you looked into my dresser drawers, you’d realize..well, I’m a bit of a slob. Fold things? Pfft! As if!… Read more Spring Cleaning..aka, I’d Rather Be Crocheting!