CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nakkashe

The shop:  Nakkashe
The owner:  Anakiz from Turkey
The products:  Delicate, beautiful crocheted jewelry – Use coupon code CRAFTY20 for 20% off your purchase between now and June 2016!
Fun facts:  Anakiz and her assistant designer Zeynep crochet intricate pieces of jewelry with slim lace thread, making them delicate and lightweight. I think they’d make great gifts and would also be amazing accessories for music festivals! (Coachella, anyone?)
Reviews & Sales:  590+ sales and a 5 star average review rating
Here’s a very special top 7 picks from Etsy shop Nakkashe:

Crochet Necklace Crochet Flower Necklace / Statement Neclace / Boho Crochet Bead Necklace / Crochet Choker / Gift under usd 30 
Crochet Necklace Crocheted Leaves Choker Necklace - Fall Colors - Turkish Oya Jewelry - Multicolor Statement Necklace - Tatted Lace Jewelry 
Crochet Necklace Red Blue White Layered Star Necklace Crochet Star Beaded Necklace with Stone Beads Choker 04th of July Knitted textile Jewe 
Crochet Necklace Bold Colorful Statement Motif Crochet Circle Necklace – Stone Bead Crochet – Stacked – Layered – Christmas – Holiday – Gift 
Crochet Statement Necklace ~ Orange Floral Thread ~ Spring Gift for Her, Mother’s Day   ~ Boho Chic Statement Jewelry 
Pastel colors Crochet Necklace  Boho Chic Unique Crochet Jewelry, Festival costume Summer Necklace Gift For Her 
Colorful  Motif Crochet Circle Necklace – Stone Bead Crochet  Unique Statement Jewelry - Bohemian Necklace, Summer Jewelry 
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nakkashe

I love revisiting Etsy shops I’ve previously featured. It’s fun seeing how they’ve grown, what new items they’ve added and how they’re doing! Check out Etsy shop Nakkashe…. Originally featured on CraftyGirl Creates in February 2015 , Nakkashe is based in Turkey and specializes in traditional & modern hand crocheted jewelry designs and fashionable accessories for women of all ages. The intricate detail in Nakkashe’s items is amazing!  Nakkashe has over 500 sales, with 200+ glowing reviews. Here’s a very special top 10 items from Nakkashe:

Crochet Thread Crochet Barefoot Sandals,  American Flag colors , 4th of July, Crochet ankle bracelet , Boho foot jewelry,Yoga sandals 

Red and Black Crocheted Leaves Choker Necklace, Turkish Needlework Lace Oya Jewelry, Statement Knitted Necklace 
Mustard Yellow Silk Scarf with multicolor crochet Oya Flower Edges , Silk Foulard, Womens Scarflette, Summer trend, Summer Scarf

Cotton black Scarf ,  Womens foulard ,  Cowl with crochet oya flowers and wooden beads ,  black scarflette , gift ideas, black foulard 
Black Beaded Elegant Fancy Barefoot Anklet Foot Thong For Women,Anniversary Birthday Wedding ift, Beach Wedding, Bohemian Nude Foot Jewelry

Large Slouchy Beanie , Hand knitted Bordeaux Womens hat with a pompom 
Ombre pink flower crochet earrings, Turkish  oya jewelry, Dangle earrings, Pink tatted lace earrings gift ideas  for her

White crochet beaded slave bracelet, Bridal ring bracelet, Beaded Harem bracelet, crochet wristlet,fingerless glover, Bohemian jewelry 

Multicolor crochet Earrings, Turkish Needlework oya Earrings, Fiber Earrings, Flower bouquet earrings, Gift  Bridesmates, Bohemian Jewelry 
With 400+ items in stock, you’re sure to find something you love at Nakkashe!
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade!)

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nakkashe

Delicately crafted, today’s featured shop has a wide array of crocheted jewelry and accessories. Based in  Turkey, shop Nakkashe is offering 20% off your order with coupon code MOTHERSDAY until the end of March. It’s never too early to get your shopping done! Here’s a few of Nakkashe’s items that caught my eye:
Crochet Oya Lace Necklace – Light Blue - Flower Pendant Necklace - Turkish Oya Jewelry - Boho Tribal Gypsy - Knitted Necklace, spring summer 
Crocheted Leaves Choker Necklace - Fall Colors - Turkish Oya Jewelry - Multicolor Statement Necklace - Tatted Lace Jewelry
Coral pink scarflette, Cotton cowl with crochet motifs ,  Womens foulard , Cotton neckscarf, gift ideas for her, boho tribal gypsy 
Red  Poppy  Necklace, Boho Crochet Red Poppy Flower Necklace-  Botanical Crochet Lariat Necklace,  Wrap  flower scarf, Knitted necklace
Crochet Statement necklace, Salmon  and black, Oya flowers Vegan friendly Bohemian Jewelry,  Christmas Gift Ideas for Her
With over 400 items available, make sure to check out Nakkashe and see what wonderful handcrafted products they have in stock. 🙂 
Until next time…stay crafty (and buy handmade)
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