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Easter’s coming – are you ready?

Featured Easter finds from handmade sellers on Etsy

Handmade Wooden Cutting Boards

I was recently browsing pictures from our local farmer’s market’s opening day, and I noticed a table with handmade wooden cutting boards in the background. I am FASCINATED with them! I’ve always wanted to be able to make something so precise, so intricate…though if I did make myself one, I don’t think I’d be able to use it because I’d be afraid of messing it up 🙂  So, for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some handmade cutting boards on Etsy. Even if… Read more Handmade Wooden Cutting Boards

Keeping It Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to wear bright, vibrant shades of green – though, in my opinion, you don’t need an excuse 🙂 Since I love focusing on handmade items, I thought I’d feature some apparel and accessories for the whole family from Etsy sellers.   Emerald Dress, Emerald Flare Dress, Green Dress, Green Flare Dress, Swirl Dress, Green Swirl Dress, Abstract Dress, Abstract Flare Dress $62.96     Mens Necktie Green with White Polka Dots Necktie 8.5cm Party Tie.Casual Tie.Handmade Tie.Polka dot tie. Green tie.Formal Tie.Business Tie.… Read more Keeping It Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Back to School: College Edition

In just a a week, our local schools will start their fall semester. In the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to publish a series on affordable back to school items for kids of all ages. Most of the items I’m including are handmade, but there are some great deals from non-handmade sources that I’ll be including as well. Today’s blog post is… college supplies! Whether it’s clothes, bedding or office supplies, these options are sure to please. I’ve picked three handcrafted options from Etsy, as well as two great… Read more Back to School: College Edition

Back to School: Kids’ Clothes

In just a few short weeks, our local schools will start their fall semester. Some kids I’ve talked to are, understandably, displeased that summer is almost over…while two of my favorite munchkins are super excited to go back to school. (I think it might have something to do with the fact that they’re both straight A students, and love learning.) So, in the spirit of the season, I’ve decided to publish a series on cute & affordable back to school items for kids. Most of the items I’m including are… Read more Back to School: Kids’ Clothes

Become more successful selling handmade online with The Handmade Sellers Magazine!

If you’re thinking about selling handmade items online, or you’re already a handmade seller, then this post is for you. Selling online can be confusing and stressful – figuring out how to photograph your products, looking for selling tips, and a lot more. How do you stand out from other sellers? There’s not a magical formula to success; success takes a lot of hard work. But there are resources, tips, and tricks online that can give you a lot of help. There’s a new resource that I am SUPER excited… Read more Become more successful selling handmade online with The Handmade Sellers Magazine!

Psyched To Sell Crafts

Getting started selling your crafts can be hard; there are a lot of venues out there available, and not just online. Farmer’s markets, co-ops, craft shows, etc. How do you know which one suits you? Check out! Psyched To Sell Crafts offers a quiz for $9.99 that helps you determine what selling venues you’ll be most successful at, and is planning on offering courses in the near future on strength-based marketing. The quiz is professionally developed, and offers results based in the introvert/extrovert sociability scale as well as over… Read more Psyched To Sell Crafts

Do Etsy Research with Crafty Sparks!

Have you ever wondered what the most favorited item on Etsy is? Or what tags are the most viewed? Check out Crafty Sparks. With a clean, easy to understand layout, Crafty Sparks shows you Etsy metrics and their favorites of the week. You can sort by top sellers, most admired, most viewed, and more! Crafty Sparks also showcases their favorite shops of the week at the bottom of their page, which is a great way to check out shops and browse Etsy. You never know what you’ll find! Crafty Sparks… Read more Do Etsy Research with Crafty Sparks!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Evarita

Years ago, finding a soap online made from all natural ingredients was hard – and expensive! Today, with a general acceptance that natural is better, and the expansion of an online international marketplace, it’s become a lot easier. You can feel good about buying all natural products – knowing that they’re free of harsh dyes and chemicals – and today’s featured shop has a wonderful array of products to choose from. Check out Evarita, an Etsy shop from the Netherlands that specializes in all natural, handmade soaps. Owners Marjan &… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Evarita

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: PersonalizedaMAZEing

With the endless options online today, there’s a gift out there for everyone in your life. Gone are the days of pouring through aisle after aisle at the store; online shopping has simplified the gift giving process. One of the best ways to add a great touch to a gift is to have it personalized…and at PersonalizedaMAZEing, the options are endless. Owner Crystal brings bright colors and patterns to personalized gifts, perfect for that special someone in your life. With 800+ sales and glowing reviews, PersonalizedaMAZEing offers a wide array… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: PersonalizedaMAZEing

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: CluzAccessories

Ladies: this post is for you! If you’re anything like me, you want to wear that gorgeous strapless dress…but there’s no way a strapless bra is going to cut it by itself. Check out CluzAccessories, an Etsy shop that makes jeweled bra straps that work with (using the hooks) or without (using the pins) a bra. Not worried about support, but you want to make sure your dress doesn’t fall down? It works for that, too! It’s also a great way to add a little bit of shine to any… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: CluzAccessories

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ParlynDesigns

With clear, descriptive listings & stunning pictures, today’s featured shop is ParlynDesigns. Specializing in modern bohemian jewelry, ParlynDesigns is based in San Diego, CA. While ParlynDesigns doesn’t have a lot of shop stock currently, the stock they do have is intricate & well designed. Right now, ParlynDesigns is offering a huge coupon code – ETSY40 – for 40% off! Make sure to take advantage of this great deal before it ends. 🙂 Here’s my top 5 favorite items from ParlynDesigns:   Bella Dream Catcher Pendant – Boho Necklace, Bohemian Pendant… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ParlynDesigns

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: RaedasSunshine

Featuring bright colors & patterns, today’s shop is RaedasSunshine. Based in Lincoln, NE, owner Raeda Anderson makes handmade aprons, baby blankets & burp cloths. You can’t go wrong with adding a pop of color to your life, and RaedasSunshine has color! From fun patterened baby blankets, to classic modern burp clothes & butterfly aprons, any of Raeda’s items would make a great gift for a special someone in your life. Raeda offers special orders and custom embroidery on orders. Here’s my top 5 items from RaedasSunshine:   Burp Cloth Set… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: RaedasSunshine

CraftyGirl Creates: MyBodyUtopia

Today’s featured shop makes handmade bath & body products, as well as creatively crocheted hats & cowls. Meet Candice, owner of MyBodyUtopia on Etsy. MyBodyUtopia is a haven for customers looking for high quality, affordable bath & body products without harsh chemicals or hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Candice believes that the products you use on your skin should be as simple & nourishing as possible, made with care, integrity & quality. With transparent labeling, an easy to navigate Etsy storefront, and natural ingredients, MyBodyUtopia features several options to choose from. Candice also… Read more CraftyGirl Creates: MyBodyUtopia

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ColoradoHomeCrafts

Filled with creativity and a wide array of talents, today’s featured shop is ColoradoHomeCrafts. Owners David & Heather handcraft the items in their shop – earrings, place settings, and more. Based in Denver, CO, ColoradoHomeCrafts strives to bring the best customer service experience possible to their clientele, and loves their customers. Currently, they’re running a promotion for their 1 year anniversary – use coupon code 1year for 25% off your order of $10 or more. With a vast selection of items at very competitive prices, it’s no wonder that ColoradoHomeCrafts… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ColoradoHomeCrafts

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Disqbag

Even though parts of the country are buried in snow, spring’s still coming – and I bet we’re all looking forward to getting outside. What better way to spend time outside than to play disc golf? Meet owner Quinten Kruszka, an avid disc golfer from Saint Paul, MN and owner of Disqbag. After searching high and low for a natural disc bag, he decided to create one of his own that met his needs. Even though Quinten only offers one item in his shop, it’s a hot seller with amazing… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Disqbag

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: WholesaleBathandBody

Are you looking for salon & beauty supplies at a wholesale price? Check out WholesaleBathandBody on Etsy. Owner Staci has recently opened WholesaleBathandBody less than 10 days ago, and offers wholesale items at competitive prices. Here’s a few of WholesaleBathandBody’s items that caught my eye:   Press & Seal Liners – 70 mm (45 pk) $7.99     Raw Coco Butter Discs 8oz $3.99  Silver Heat Seal Sample Packets (50pk) $9.99 Raw Organic Shea Butter $6.75   Wooden Spoons (20Pk) $4.99  Make sure to check WholesaleBathandBody periodically as new items are… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: WholesaleBathandBody

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ColdSnapStudio

Based in the chilly North Pole, Alaska, today’s featured shop makes novelty “Don’t Touch Baby” signs, bookmarks and more. Check out ColdSnapStudio: with a wide array of items in stock, ColdSnapStudio has been on Etsy for several years and can also be found at Here’s my favorite picks from ColdSnapStudio:   2 Pack: Please Don’t Touch My Baby Car Seat Carrier Sign, Stroller Tags – More Than I Can Bear $13.00  Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute Funny WELCOME Sign – We’re All Out of Dog Chews, Please Remove Your Shoes… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: ColdSnapStudio

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: WAXILICIOUS

Based in Cape Coral, Florida, today’s featured shop will help you melt the stress away with their relaxing scents. Meet Karen Witt, owner of WAXILICIOUS. Newly opened, WAXILICIOUS offers an array of shapes and scents to meet your needs. Not only are they perfect for yourself, but they also make great gifts for any occasion! Wax melts are a wonderful alternative to burning candles; they’re safer, highly scented and don’t produce the messy soot residue that candles do when they burn. Right now, WAXILICIOUS is offering a great coupon code… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: WAXILICIOUS

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: AllCornhole

Today’s featured shop specializes in high quality cornhole boards and accessories. Meet Chad, owner of AllCornhole on Etsy & Based in Utah, AllCornhole has a wide array of options for any event, with custom orders available. Since wedding season is coming up, let’s check out some of AllCornhole’s items that would be the perfect addition to your special day!   Full Color Engagement Photo Wedding Cornhole Boards – Customized Wedding Cornhole Boards for Your Special Day! Wedding Cornhole Bag toss $225.00  Wedding Cornhole Bags Small Polka Dots- Corn Filled… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: AllCornhole

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nakkashe

Delicately crafted, today’s featured shop has a wide array of crocheted jewelry and accessories. Based in  Turkey, shop Nakkashe is offering 20% off your order with coupon code MOTHERSDAY until the end of March. It’s never too early to get your shopping done! Here’s a few of Nakkashe’s items that caught my eye:   Crochet Oya Lace Necklace – Light Blue – Flower Pendant Necklace – Turkish Oya Jewelry – Boho Tribal Gypsy – Knitted Necklace, spring summer $25.00  Crocheted Leaves Choker Necklace – Fall Colors – Turkish Oya Jewelry… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nakkashe

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SherriDPrint

Today’s featured shop specializes in unique dictionary art prints on vintage paper. Meet Shahin, owner of SherriDPrint. Based in California, SherriDPrint’s items are a fun way to add color and flair to your decor. With a wide variety of prints available, SherriDPrint has the perfect print for that special someone on your gift list; or even as a gift to yourself! SherriDPrint has affordable prices, perfect for any occasion. Here are some items from SherriDPrint that caught my eye:   Book Print Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany on Vintage… Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: SherriDPrint

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: MailedIT

Today’s featured shop has unlimited creativity. When most of us think of chainmaille, we think of medieval armor. Owner Shawn has taken chainmaille and formed it into creative pieces that are anything but boring. Check out MailedIT, based in Boise, Idaho. Crafting everything from scratch, Shawn makes his own chainmaille rings and has competitive prices. He also enjoys making items out of chainmaille that most people wouldn’t expect; a perfect example of this is the chainmaille tie below! Here are a few of Shawn’s products that caught my eye:  … Read more CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: MailedIT

A Special CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JcLeathercraft

When it comes to finding handcrafted treasures, Etsy is definitely the place to go. There’s an endless amount of creativity…and the same can be said for today’s featured shop. Meet Joshua Clukey, owner of JcLeathercraft. Based in Georgetown, Delaware, Joshua creates handcrafted leather goods, from the minimalistic guitar picks to the elegantly stitched Leather Bible Cover.  Joshua started making his handcrafted leather products when he realized how cheaply made retail leather products were. Determined to provide a better quality, Joshua started selling to friends and family before opening up JcLeathercraft.… Read more A Special CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: JcLeathercraft