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Gardening Finds

A selection of handmade Etsy finds and suggested DIY projects

SmartSeeds: Rare Flower & Vegetable Seeds

 Next year, I’m planning on having a huge garden at our new house – plenty of fruits and vegetables. While browsing online for seeds, I came across SmartSeeds on Etsy – I already have several of their seeds bookmarked to purchase for planting 🙂 I think my favorite are the rainbow heirloom carrots! The shop:  SmartSeeds The owner:  Mia from Claremont, CA The products:  Rare flower seeds, heirloom vegetable seeds and more – from all over the world!  Fun facts:  SmartSeeds offers 300+ items to choose from; rare seeds, that… Read more SmartSeeds: Rare Flower & Vegetable Seeds

Leap Day 2016

It’s Leap Day! Are you ready to “leap” into spring? I know I am. It’s been 60 degrees here the past two days, and I’m loving it! Spring is probably my favorite season – at the end of a long, dreary winter, it’s the perfect season and I love seeing the weather change, and the flowers bloom. I’m hoping to get some seedlings started in the next few weeks for our garden; we’re going small this year, since we don’t want to have to lift heavy, full planter boxes this… Read more Leap Day 2016

The First Tomato and Vintage Recipes

So, earlier this summer, my wonderful neighbor offered me 3 tomato plants-Apparently, she had planted all of her seeds, thinking that some of them wouldn’t sprout, and ended up with 98 tomato plants! I gladly took the plants, with the warning that I’m not exactly known for my green thumb. I’m better with vegetables than I am with flowers (I’m still not sure how my marigolds are alive), but I was cautiously optimistic. Through many waterings, some Miracle Gro, and a lot of coddling, I finally have…my first tomato! There… Read more The First Tomato and Vintage Recipes

First Fruits

So, when I’m not being a super awesome business owner, direct sales representative and housewife, I’m also *gasp* a gardener! Now, don’t be fooled…typically, my luck with plants is not that good. But I was tickled pink this afternoon when I went to water my tomato plants and found this: That, my dears, is a tiny baby tomato on one of the wonderful tomato plants my neighbor gave me. (She ended up with several dozen from the seeds she had sown. Maybe that’s why I’m doing so well with them..… Read more First Fruits