CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nkuto

Offering natural and organic skincare, today’s feature shop is Nkuto, an Etsy shop opened last summer. Owner Emily Elizabeth creates original skin care recipes, all of which are vegan, for the ultimate skincare experience. Nkuto doesn’t have a lot of current shop stock, but they do have glowing reviews and detailed product descriptions. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from Nkuto:
Classy Tones: Rosemary Shea Body Butter 
Mini Sampler Set

Deep Breath: Lavender Shea Body Butter 
Cosy Afternoon: Vanilla Body Butter and Sugar Scrub Set

Whether you’re purchasing a special Mother’s Day gift, or just treating yourself, Nkuto’s vegan, natural options are sure to make you smile!

Until next time…stay crafty (and shop handmade)!
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CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: OrganicBeautyJunkie

When you’re concerned with ingredients and preservatives, and trying to live an organic life, it can be hard to find beauty products that you like that don’t break the bank. Meet Maryann Gallagher, owner of OrganicBeautyJunkie on Etsy. Maryann makes each product from high quality, natural ingredients and is a firm believer of hiring people with disabilities, as she has a disability herself. OrganicBeautyJunkie’s products, though few in number, are shipped from Needham, MA and so far, have glowing reviews. Here’s my top 5 favorites from OrganicBeautyJunkie:

Organic Deodorant - Natural Deodorant - Sample size deodorant 5-pack - orange deodorant- bergamot deodorant- lavender deodorant  
Coffee Lovers Skincare Set- Coffee Scented Skincare - Natural Coffee Skincare - Organic Coffee Skincare - Organic Beauty Junkie

All Natural Lip Balm- Shea Butter Lip Balm-  Organic Lip Balm - natural lip balm - OrganicBeautyJunkie - natural Chapstick - lip balm 
Body lotion, Body cream, Natural Body Lotion, Natural Body Cream, Organic Body Lotion, Organic Body Cream, Coffee Body Lotion, Coffee Scent

All natural deodorant- Organic  Deodorant -  Natural Deodorant -Organic Deodorant Cream- Tea Tree Deodorant -Organic Beauty Junkie 
You can also find OrganicBeautyJunkie on Facebook, and make sure to check out the shop to see the rest of Maryann’s items!

Until next time…stay crafty (and shop Etsy)!
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CraftyGirl Creates: MyBodyUtopia

Today’s featured shop makes handmade bath & body products, as well as creatively crocheted hats & cowls. Meet Candice, owner of MyBodyUtopia on Etsy. MyBodyUtopia is a haven for customers looking for high quality, affordable bath & body products without harsh chemicals or hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Candice believes that the products you use on your skin should be as simple & nourishing as possible, made with care, integrity & quality. With transparent labeling, an easy to navigate Etsy storefront, and natural ingredients, MyBodyUtopia features several options to choose from. Candice also crochets hats & cowls, made with loving care. Here’s my favorite picks from MyBodyUtopia:
Cutting Down Lemongrass Soap, Handcrafted Soaps, Body Care, Natural Soaps 
Spearmint Madness Lip Balm, Bath and Body, Lip Butter
Bear Cowl - Brown Bear Cowl - Crochet Bear Cowl - Crocheted Bear Cowl - Crochet Brown Bear Cowl - Crocheted Brown Bear Cowl - Handmade Cowl 
Lilac Body Butter - Lilac Body Cream - Lilac Meadows Body Butter - Lilac Shea Body Butter - Lilac Shea Body Cream - Handmade Body Butter
All Natural Deodorant - Cucumber Kiwi 
Make sure to check out MyBodyUtopia on Etsy for a full product list!
Until next time…stay crafty (and buy handmade)!
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CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Disqbag

Even though parts of the country are buried in snow, spring’s still coming – and I bet we’re all looking forward to getting outside. What better way to spend time outside than to play disc golf? Meet owner Quinten Kruszka, an avid disc golfer from Saint Paul, MN and owner of Disqbag. After searching high and low for a natural disc bag, he decided to create one of his own that met his needs. Even though Quinten only offers one item in his shop, it’s a hot seller with amazing reviews. 

Hemp Frisbee Disc Golf Bag 
Check out the Hemp Frisbee Disc Golf Bag ($25.00), a great starter bag for disc golf. It’s available in various colors, as shown above, and is made out of hemp & lined with nylon.
 The Hemp Frisbee Disc Golf Bag ($25.00) will hold up to 6 discs, and an outer zippered pocket on the flap and an interior zippered pouch.  The interior contains two small pockets and an additional zippered pouch for cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.
The front flap has a built in hidden magnetic clasp so it will automatically latch when closed.
The strap length is adjustable up to 55 inches. The dimensions of the bag are 10″ Height, 9 3/4″ width, and a maximum depth of 4″. 
Whether it’s for yourself, or a fun gift for a friend, you can’t go wrong with the Hemp Frisbee Disc Golf Bag by Disqbag.
Until next time…stay crafty (and buy handmade)!


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