CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KylieLamLeather

In today’s digital world, cell phones are often held close to our bodies…why not hold them in style? 🙂 Check out Etsy shop KylieLamLeather! Based in Hong Kong, owner Kylie Lam opened her shop in late 2013 and makes all of her designs by hand. Not only can you find Kylie’s designs in her Etsy shop, but you can also find them at her website, Here’s my top 3 picks from Etsy shop KylieLamLeather:
iPhone 6 Plus Crossbody Bag, Brown Shoulder Bag - Stylish iPhone 6 Plus Case 100% Handmade From Italian Leather 
iPhone 6 Sleeve Leather with Magnetic Snap & Concho Button - Secure and Special Blue iPhone 6 Leather Case 100% Handmade with Care 
Leather iPhone 6 wristlet iPhone 6 plus wallet case iPhone 5s sleeve Brown- Clutch Leather Wristlet 
With a wide array of styles and options for many different phones, there’s sure to be something you’ll like at KylieLamLeather!
Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: KimberleeCreations

Accessories are a way of expressing yourself; who you are, what colors you like, etc. Most people simply accessorize with jewelry or handbags, but why not take it a step further and get a colorful cell phone case? Today’s featured Etsy shop offers custom designed phone cases, available in a variety of sizes. Meet Kim McCowan, owner of KimberleeCreations. Based in Kaysville, UT, Kim creates custom cell phone cases, making sure to fit the order to the customers’ needs exactly before beginning the final process of gluing the decorations on the case. Kim cares about her clients, and wants to create the perfect custom order for them. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from KimberleeCreations:
Custom Monogram Phone Case 
Go Bananas Galaxy 3S Phone Case
Girly bling cell phone case 
Dreams come true
Art Deco Iphone case 
While Kim doesn’t currently have a lot of items in stock, she does accept custom orders, and will gladly work with you on colors, materials, design, etc. 🙂 

Until next time…stay crafty (and shop handmade)!