CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Chrysandals

The shop:  Chrysandals The owner:  Kymberly from Las Vegas, NV The product: Eco-friendly, recyclable gladiator sandals – ankle, knee and thigh heights available! – with interchangeable laces.  Fun facts:  After having difficulty packing for a trip, Kymberly set out to create the perfect pair of sandals to go with any outfit – comfortable, compact, and … Read more

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: GipsyDharmaCreations

I really appreciate Etsy shops with amazing pictures…and today’s featured Etsy shop definitely has them! Check out GipsyDharmaCreations, an Etsy shop based in London, England, that specializes in handmade lace up leather boots. With vividly detailed pictures, recently opened shop GipsyDharmaCreations creates comfortable, but very stylish, handmade leather apparel & accessories. Currently, GipsyDharmaCreations only has … Read more

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Kipfashion

I think it’s important to have fun with what you wear. A lot of people tend to shy away from color, sticking with dark solid colors like black, navy or gray, feeling that it’s more slimming or professional. Colors can, in fact, be slimming and work appropriate – it’s all in how you use it. … Read more