CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: DoodleButton

We’re big Star Wars fans here; if you looked around our house, you’d see movies, video games, posters and apparel featuring Star Wars. So, when I came across today’s featured shop, I geeked out a little. 🙂 Meet Amanda, owner of Etsy shop DoodleButton. Featuring original illustrations, DoodleButton offers home accessories, gifts and more inspired by favorite movies, TV shows and books. From Harry Potter to Doctor Who, DoodleButton has 180+ items in stock and glowing reviews. Since I’m such a fan, here’s a special top 3 Star Wars themed picks from Etsy shop DoodleButton:

Boba Fett Star Wars kitchen flour sack towel 
Star Wars button collection, C3PO, Boba Fett, stormtrooper, 
Star Wars ATAT Reindeer Wrapping Paper 
Make sure to check out DoodleButton’s Etsy shop to see what other fandom-related products Amanda has for sale. 🙂
Until next time, stay crafty (and support handmade artists)!

CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: willpigg

It’s normal to find an artist on Etsy who is talented in one area. But when you find an artist who is not only talented, but wonderfully so, in TWO areas.. It’s a delight. Meet Will Pigg, owner of Etsy shop willpigg. Featuring handcut papercrafts and illustrations, Will specializes in art related to storybooks & fables, as well as appealing to fandoms everywhere with his geek art. Willpigg has glowing reviews, and an array of items to choose from. Here’s my top 5 from Etsy shop willpigg:
Always Snape and Lily - Harry Potter silhouette handcut paper craft 

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Spinning Wheel silhouette handcut paper craft 
Jack's Lament - Nightmare Before Christmas - signed museum quality giclée fine art print Charcoal and Pastel

AT-AT Walker on Hoth - Star Wars silhouette handcut paper craft 
Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a fan of Harry Potter, or just a fan of art, there’s plenty of options to choose from in willpigg’s store. Make sure to check out the rest of Will’s shop stock; you can also find him at
Until next time…stay crafty (and appreciate art)!
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CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Frozen Water Designs

Having had the pleasure of purchasing from Frozen Water Designs personally, I can vouch that Elly’s products are amazing. Featuring soaps of all different shapes, sizes and scents, Frozen Water Designs is sure to have a product you’ll love. Normally, I feature 3 random products from a shop during my blog posts, but I’m going to go with 3 very specific items this time: the items I bought!

Here’s a peek at what I got..

IT'S HERE!  the best soap in the verse has arrived
The Best Soap in the Verse – Serenity – Firefly, $7
I ordered this one in gray, with the scent “clementine cupcake”..and does it smell like a cupcake? Oh yessss. Both Alex and I are big Firefly fans (and are still gravely upset over the show only lasting one season), so I purposefully ordered it in a scent I thought was “girly” so he wouldn’t use it. Whoops. 🙂

our favourite bounty hunter - build your own soap
Boba Fett – Star Wars Bounty Hunter Soap, $7
Alex is a HUGE fan of Star Wars, so I ordered this one specifically for him, in green and scented with “summer melon”. He loves it! Melon is pretty much his favorite scent, hands down, so this was perfect for him. 🙂

SERIES 2 - time and space - whovian soap
Series 2 Doctor Who Soap, $10
I’ll admit it. I’m a Whovian….as if ordering this soap didn’t show my love for Doctor Who enough. 🙂 I ordered this one in blue, and in possibly the best scent ever created: “pumpkin cheesecake”. Mmm! I may seriously have to make an actual pumpkin cheesecake after I use this soap for the first time. 🙂

So, dear readers, don’t forget to check out Frozen Water Designs and show Elly some love =)

Until next time…stay crafty!

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Pizza pictures!..err..whoops.

So, I was so excited about making homemade pizza that I forgot to take pictures of it before I ate it. Uh oh.

Today’s day consisted of listing mixed yarn lots on eBay…you can find one of them here. Also, I made the aforementioned pizza (which was delicious, btw), cleaned some more (yuck), did a LOT of laundry (eh) and finally got around to watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire…and now I’m impatiently waiting for the next one to be released. 🙂

Today was also the first day of what I like to call “The Countdown til B-Day”. My birthday’s on Friday, and I started celebrating today. A little silly, I know, but at least I did it frugally! Hubby picked up a quilt rack that I purchased from a lovely woman nearby (can’t wait to use it!), as well as the movie rental and…my favorite part… a strawberry cheesecake blizzard from DQ. Oh. My. Goodness. It was delicious! I had a BOGO coupon for my birthday, so hubby got a chocolate peanut butter blizzard too, which made him happy. 🙂

Let’s talk craft storage, folks. I’m currently rearranging my yarn, having made (somewhat of) a dent in it with my yarn destash lots. How do YOU store your yarn? Initially, I had it all in a large storage container, but then I arranged the skeins on a wire baker’s rack I have in the guest/craft room. I like it better that way, though I think I’ll decorate some cute boxes to put the balls of yarn in.

And for those of you who have fantastic nerdy taste (like me), I came across this today and totally had to share…

Perfect for any Star Wars fan who cooks, this awesome R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set is exclusive to ThinkGeek and is just…well..amazing. You can bet your bottom dollar (yes, I’m going vintage with my phrases) that this’ll be on my Christmas list!

Well, stick around…Tomorrow is Chicken and Broccoli Casserole (Say whaaat?) and probably a lot more cleaning. =)

Until next time…stay crafty!