CraftyGirl’s Featured Shop: Nkuto

Offering natural and organic skincare, today’s feature shop is Nkuto, an Etsy shop opened last summer. Owner Emily Elizabeth creates original skin care recipes, all of which are vegan, for the ultimate skincare experience. Nkuto doesn’t have a lot of current shop stock, but they do have glowing reviews and detailed product descriptions. Here’s my top 5 favorite items from Nkuto:
Classy Tones: Rosemary Shea Body Butter 
Mini Sampler Set

Deep Breath: Lavender Shea Body Butter 
Cosy Afternoon: Vanilla Body Butter and Sugar Scrub Set

Whether you’re purchasing a special Mother’s Day gift, or just treating yourself, Nkuto’s vegan, natural options are sure to make you smile!

Until next time…stay crafty (and shop handmade)!
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